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B2B Sales KPIs: What You Need to Track

If you’re working in a scaling B2B sales team, you’ll need to track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

They’re the only way that you can measure how well your sales team is performing. B2B sales KPIs are particularly important if you’re working in the SaaS sales sector, where deals are signed and revenue is calculated on an ongoing, monthly basis. 

Cognism is a great example of a successfully scaling B2B SaaS company. Our sales team has doubled in the last 12 months and from 2017 to now, we’ve taken the business from $0 to $4 million in ARR.

How have we done it? By staying rigorously focused on our sales KPIs.

B2B data informs everything we do. Everything is measured and measurable. Sales KPIs provide us with insights which we use to learn from and then improve our performance. 

We want to help other companies scale in the same way we have. That’s why we’ve put together the below infographic, detailing all the lead generation KPIs tracked by our SDR and BDM teams. It’s a handy guide to all the data you’ll need to assess if you want to build a sales strategy that’s fit for scaling.

B2B Sales KPIs
Those are Cognism’s must-track B2B sales KPIs. Try incorporating them into your B2B sales operation and see what difference they make. 

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