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Cold Calling

Common cold call objections and how to respond
Objections are an inevitable part of cold calling; the trick is to keep the conversation going to gather more information. Read this blog to find out more.
What is Sales Development Representative's (SDR) Role?
Learn all about sales development representative job and career path from Cognism's SDRs. Read on for the best advice on hiring and training reps!
The current state of outbound (in 2022)
The sales landscape is always changing! Click to read about the current state of outbound from two sales experts in the field.


What Is a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)? Strategic Guide for 2022
What is a Marketing Qualified Lead and how is a SQL different? Click to read our guide and uncover everything you need to know about mastering the MQL.
Common cold call objections and how to respond
Objections are an inevitable part of cold calling; the trick is to keep the conversation going to gather more information. Read this blog to find out more.
Strategising for every stage of the customer adoption process | Cognism
The customer adoption process is a broad topic. We break it down and outline strategies to improve your customer adoption rate in this article.
Cold Calling Live Episode 4 pullthrough


Real world examples from live cold calls.

Live coaching and training from Morgan and Dave.

Demand Generation

Finding the perfect match: Cognism's rebrand journey
Rebranding is a marathon - not a sprint. We've just been on the journey ourselves and found there's lots to think about. Find out more in this article.
SEO and blog content: where do they fit in a demand gen strategy?
SEO and blog content aren't dead. That's just facts. And in this article, you'll find out how they fit within your wider demand gen strategy.
Executing a scalable ABM strategy with Cognism
A market-leading building efficiency software platform uses Cognism to execute a scalable ABM strategy. Click to read the case study.

Lead Generation

16 Important Lead Generation KPIs and Metrics You Need to Know
Not sure which lead generation KPIs to track? We're sharing 16 important KPIs to help you boost your monthly marketing revenue! Click to read.
How To Send Sales Emails In Bulk (Without Losing A Personal Touch)
David Campbell, Digital Marketing Specialist at Ramp Ventures, has compiled this foolproof guide about sending personalized sales emails in bulk.
What Is Lead Scoring? [Models & Best Practices]
Create lead scoring models based on intent, firmographic, behavior, email engagement, etc. Explore the best practices and software in predictive scoring.

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Posts on cadences

How to build sales cadences
Click for a step by step guide to building sales cadences, including a real-world example of an effective sales cadence.
How to build cadences that convert
Revitalise your sales cadences and increase your conversion rates, with these key takeaways from 3 SaaS sales superstars!
Speed to lead: How to book record meetings from webinars
Our US team had a record-breaking sales day from webinar leads. We’re sharing the formula on how you can do the same. Read on to learn how.
Webinar recap: the secret formula to a winning cadence
A winning cadence addresses pain points and generates revenue. Find out more and start creating great messages. Click to see our webinar recap.
2 winning cadences for content leads
Turn your content leads into sales. Click to discover 2 winning cadences used by Cognism’s very own MDRs!
The ultimate B2B prospecting cadence
When the coronavirus crisis struck, our sales team refreshed the cadence they use for B2B prospecting. Click to view our record-breaking sales cadence.
How to build a winning cadence for sales leaders
Want to book meetings with sales leaders in 15 days or less? Then download Cognism’s sales leader cadence now! Click to get our sales leader cadence.
How to build a winning cadence for CEOs
Discover how to successfully prospect CEOs with our epic sales cadence! We’ll supply you with templates, commentary and a day-by-day cadence timetable.
How to create an outbound cadence which converts
Creating an outbound cadence which converts is critical to the success of a scaling business. We’ve identified a very simple formula. Click for more.

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