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Introducing Cognism's guide to RevOps

June 4, 2021

Imagine if you could do all this in one go...

✅ Centralise your operations

✅ Unite your sales and marketing teams

✅ Align around accurate data

✅ Enable faster business growth

Sounds like something every business should jump on...right?

The thing is, it already exists. There’s a name for it.

It’s called revenue operations, or RevOps.

And if you want to achieve all the things we listed above, then it’s time to get RevOps revved up at your company.

Enter Cognism’s latest B2B handbook - Frame the way you scale: a RevOps guide.

It’ll answer all the questions you have about RevOps, like…

  • What skills do I need to be effective in a RevOps role?
  • What framework should I follow to implement RevOps at my firm?
  • How should I manage data and compliance requirements?
  • What tools should I be investing in?
  • How do I go about aligning my teams?
  • What are the most common challenges in RevOps, and how do I overcome them?

In writing this guide, we consulted Ruth Oyeyiola, our Revenue Operations Analyst. Ruth has been instrumental in building Cognism’s RevOps function from the ground up; her insights are absolutely essential for anyone working in B2B SaaS ops!

“The best thing you can do for yourself as a RevOps leader is master patience. There's a solution to every problem, you just need to focus on finding it. ”

- Ruth Oyeyiola

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