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Learn how to handle objections on your B2B cold calls

If you’re a B2B salesperson making daily cold calls, you’ll know that you have to handle objections. Almost every prospect you speak to will have some.

But what are the best methods for cold call objection handling? How can you turn objections around so that the prospect doesn’t walk away but instead signs on the line and becomes a satisfied customer? 

Download our Cold Calling Objection Handling Playbook and all will be revealed! In it, you’ll learn…

  • A five-point procedure for objection handling on your cold calls
  • What the four most common B2B sales objections are
  • How to resolve the top four most common B2B sales objections

Cognism’s Cold Calling Objection Handling Playbook has everything a B2B cold caller needs, including real-world examples of solutions to the most challenging objections a prospect can throw at you.

In writing this playbook, we’ve consulted with senior members of Cognism’s superstar sales team, who’ve taken our business from $0 to $4 million in ARR in under 2 years. Their sales strategy advice has formed the basis of this guide, which will help you with all aspects of cold call objection handling and transform you into a deal-closing champion!

Get your hands on our Cold Calling Objection Handling Playbook here!

Cold Calling Objection Handling

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