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Not closing deals? Here are 6 tips to bag your prospects

June 10, 2021

As a salesperson in B2B sales, you’ve got to think of yourself as the doctor of sales. 🩺

You know the process.

You’ve got the medicine - your product/solution.

You find the customer’s pains.

You tell them the ‘treatment’ plan.

They follow your advice, you write up and sign a script contract.

And boom! A happy and healthy partnership forms.

But, it’s not always that easy, is it?

We’ve pulled the top tips like this ☝️ from our Art of Closing a Deal webinar!

Our panellists were:

Their phenomenal tips and the best tools for bizdev with be sure to help you to start closing more deals than ever!

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Don’t just show them 👈👀

“There is nothing worse than doing a feature sell demo.” - Brahm Jagpal

The main purpose of your discovery is:

  • Showing the prospect the main motivations for using your product.
  • Identifying the pain points they’re facing.
  • Most importantly - helping the buyer - how deep does the problem you’ve identified run? And how can you quantify the impact of that?
  • Then, showing the prospect how the problem is solved with your solution.

The main takeaway of your discovery?

“Discovery is just that - about discovering. Listening, understanding, figuring out where the prospect is in their journey. How close are they to actually wanting to invest in your product/service? You need to find all of this out if you want to qualify out prospects, not waste anyone’s time, and close your deals.” - Jason Baskaran

Building trust 🤝

Who doesn’t love to see a stat backing up the tips we’re feeding you in a blog?

Did you know? 👇

So, how can you build trust with your prospects?

Well, you’ve got to build clear actionable steps every single time you go onto a call with a customer.  

You’ve got to make sure the next steps are aligned.

It may look like telling the prospect that you need XYZ from them or telling them who they need to bring in at the various sales cycle stages.

As a closer, firming those next steps can be incredibly difficult and it’s not a guarantee that you’ll always get them.

Here’s where to start 👇

Build out a mutual success plan

Jack Neicho explains that your mutual success plan doesn’t need to be complicated.

Take some time to build out a document. It should include clear, predetermined next steps, leading up to an eventual, planned sign date.

Next to each step, you can simply have a column with the name of the person who needs to complete that step (on either the prospect or your company’s side). Have a checkbox next to each step, which needs to be ticked before moving onto the next one.

Your plan should include steps like:

  • Discovery call completed
  • Demo
  • Technical demo
  • Implementation and onboarding call

Having a mutual success plan gives you more control over the deal and makes the process more linear.

“It allows you to say to your client we need legal in at this point, so it’s up to you to bring legal to me so that we can sign the contract. It’s a process of green and red boxing things, leaving the client accountable for moving the deal along.” - Jack Neicho

Looking for a mutual success plan? You’re in luck!

We’ve got a little freebie for you 👇

Get the plan

Dealing with competition 🤺

“Never directly critique a competitor. It will make you look way worse than anyone else. Don’t ever put yourself in the situation of ‘my horse is bigger than your horse and that’s why I’m going to win’.” - Brahm Jagpal

If you do come up against competitors, Brahm knows just what to do:

  • Make slight comparisons as you go through your demo - not in a way of having a dig, but in a factual manner. The pains are from your existing customers’ pains - pull in that story and back this up with a case study.
  • Always be mindful of your tone and never be aggressive when making comparisons - the way you say it will determine how it is received.
  • Making use of battlecards.

Adding to Brahm’s tips, Jason and Jack recommend:

  • Always being transparent.
  • Leaning in on your strengths and planting a seed of ‘this is the better way to do it.’
  • Expose the prospect, at every point you can, to your product wherever you can without demoing your product.

A few tips and tricks ✨

WhatsApp is the pandemic’s golf course

Jason explains:

“You’re taking them to another place, and chatting about something other than the deal. In terms of reducing friction, make it as easy as possible to engage with you. It should never be tough and you should never be threading through emails.”

“Figure out what makes you, the salesperson, personally continue to support brands in your personal life and curate this experience for your prospect. Whether that’s engaging over WhatsApp or starting a book club, you must make personal connections with your prospects.”

Drip feed content to your prospects

A fantastic tip from Brahm 👇

“Drip feed in content around the topic you’re discussing. It will make it a much smoother process and it will bring up questions on the back of that that may be something the prospect hasn’t considered.”

Build out content and cadences

Your whole team is selling differently. Sharing content among your team and grabbing a snippet from a colleague here or there could make the world of difference to your prospect’s perspective.

Brahm says:

“Automate your steps along the sales process, but make sure that what you’re sending out is relevant to the meeting you’re just about to have. Include a piece of content that will be educational.”

Be yourself

You must be authentic and true to yourself. Jason articulates more about this:

“Your prospects will see when you’re not being authentic. Be consistent in your follow ups and messaging, the tools you use, and the way you come across.”

“You should even think about what you’re wearing - are you going to come across colourful, will you wear a black suit? Be interesting so that they want to take the next step with you. These are all things you must consider as you set out to sell your product.”

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