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From Prospect to Closed-Won in 10 days with Cognism

A management consulting company used Cognism’s B2B lead generation solution to:

  • Refine their audience 
  • Avoid high bounce rates when utilising email outreach 
  • Connect with key decision-makers at the perfect time
  • Effectively integrate leads with their CRM for improved productivity 
  • Use analytics to drive prospects through the funnel, fast

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The company

Centelli provides an impactful automated solution that helps companies move their staff from outdated manual processes to a more efficient automated environment.  Their expertise spans multiple industries, from hospitality and supply chain to financial services and call centre operations. 

They believe in having meaningful conversations with their customers so they can fully understand and make recommendations on how Centelli's process automation software can solve their most frustrating processing challenges and free their staff to do more meaningful customer-facing work.

The challenge

We spoke with Richard Harms, Director of Sales and Marketing at Centelli’s US office, about how as a startup, Centelli’s biggest challenge was getting the word out: 

"We weren't sure how to get the word out about process automation. Most fortune 500 companies are already well on their way when it comes to their automation journey. But then there are all the other companies around the world who are still trying to figure out what they need to do to automate their process, don't know where to start or haven't even considered moving from their manual processes. These are the customers we've been wanting to connect with; we just didn't know the most effective way."

It was imperative for Richard to be able to refine his search and connect with the right people at the right time: 

"We're a small company, and we don't have the resources to chase a lot of data. So we were looking for a tool that could really help refine our search in the industries that we think we're going to get the highest interest from."

So Richard turned to Cognism in the hopes our B2B data could point Centelli in the right direction:

"I've used several B2B lead generation tools before but didn't feel they were a good fit. I needed a tool that was easy to use and integrated well with our CRM. I liked the idea of using filters to get really specific about the people we wanted to target. So, looking at our goals and objectives, Cognism was perfect."

The solution

Richard was excited to start refining Centelli's focus with Cognism, but after using other lead generation platforms, he was concerned about the quality of information he might receive:

"I've had issues in the past where data wasn't up to date or of very good quality. Sometimes the contacts weren't even what we needed them for. I didn't want to start our next email campaign with bad information and watch our bounce rate go through the roof. It wasn't like that with Cognism. The quality of data has been outstanding!"

What impressed him the most about Cognism?

"To me, seeing who is repeatedly opening our emails and who has clicked on a link is the best information. It lets us know who to contact immediately, and the Cognism platform gives us the ability to do that. It’s helped us target  different audiences with very specific messaging and then track the effectiveness of that messaging."

Cognism’s data was even more impressive:

"For us, having good B2B data is critical, but we also need to be able to analyse read, open and click rates of campaigns, because it shows us what interests our ideal buyers and helps us personalise the next steps. The Cognism platform gives us all the information we need to be able to do that."

He also loved how easy the integration was:

"I want to be able to easily move an outbound lead into our CRM tool once we make contact, and the ability to do that with Cognism has been very easy."

So how did Richard find our Cognism Chrome Extension?

"We use the Chrome Extension to double-check the accuracy of the data and also see how our prospect is moving around the company. Have they left the company?  Are they still in a relevant position for what we're trying to do? We also like that we can easily import the leads from Sales Navigator into Cognism. The integration and capabilities within the platform have been great for us."

Then came his interaction with our CS team:

"Our relationship with Cognism is great. We've been getting great support. If we have a problem or recommendation, we're always heard, and the team is always willing to take action."

The results

When asked if they found Cognism easy to use, Richard had this to say:

"It's very easy to use. If you've ever used any type of web platform that has drop-down menus and filters, you’ll know it’s not something you need a manual to use. It’s simple - you can upload leads from Sales Navigator and put them right into a sequence if you want. It doesn't get any easier than that."

Following that, we had to know, had our tool helped his team become more efficient?

"There's been a tremendous improvement in efficiency. The way we generated leads before was the old fashioned way. The team would go into Sales Navigator and send messages through there. Those who have used Sales Navigator know that it isn't the most effective communication tool. And making hundreds of cold calls a day just isn't an effective use of our time. Plus, our messaging needs to be very specific in order to generate interest."

"With Cognism, we're able to easily deliver specific messaging to top executives in our target industries, track responses, and set up a call with prospects who’ve engaged with our content."

It’s been so effective they saw results within the first three months:

"We've already closed deals within ten days in the UK. The platform performs great. I’ve got no issues and no complaints."

Richard gave us his final thoughts on Cognism:

"Cognism has met all my expectations. It's done all the things that I needed the platform to do. I love that I can set up our email campaigns, track the activity of the emails in terms of open rates and interest level, and then generate phone numbers so we can make outbound calls to the most interested people."

"It's an effective platform, but it's not magic; you still need to put in the work."

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 3,000 sales and marketing teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build their ICP and discover their ideal buyers

✅ Connect with decision-makers in accounts that are ready to buy 

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns

✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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