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Cold Calling

Direct Dial Phone Numbers in B2B Sales
Direct Dials: How to Find Direct Phone Numbers for Sales?
Cognism is a direct-dial phone numbers provider in NAM, EMEA, and APAC that ensures full CCPA and GDPR compliance with over 1800 satisfied customers.
10 of the Best Voicemail Scripts for Cold Calling in 2022_Card
10 of the Best Voicemail Scripts for Cold Calling in 2024
Need a cold callback after reaching a prospect's voicemail? We’re sharing the best cold calling voicemail script for B2B sales. Click to read more!
cold-calling- success-rates-seo-resource-card
The Top Cold Calling Success Rates for 2024 Explained
Does cold calling still work? How effective is it in 2024? What are the cold calling success rates? Click to discover the answers to these questions & more


How to Prevent Sales Funnel Leakage?
Sales Funnel Leakage: How to Prevent and Fix It?
Learn how to prevent sales funnel leakage by identifying root causes and improving lead management practices.
Driving 3x Event ROI with Cognism Data-02
Driving 3x Event ROI with Cognism Data
Discover how Cognism revolutionises lead generation and boosts event value by nearly 3x at a Polish trade org. Read the case study now!
What is an ABM Funnel? Features & Steps to Create One
Click to read this guide on how a personalised ABM funnel can help teams identify key accounts, boost sales and close deals.


Catch up on these value-packed Loop Live sessions from expert guests, digging into what works today in the modern marketing landscape.

Demand Generation

SaaS Demand Generation for Turbocharged Growth
SaaS Demand Generation for Turbocharged Growth
Revolutionise your marketing with our SaaS demand generation insights. Engage better and convert more. Click to read our comprehensive guide!
What is Drip Email Marketing_Resource card
What is Drip Email Marketing? Strategy, Tips & Examples for 2024
Connect with leads & reach your conversion goals with drip email marketing. Click to learn what it is, how to do it & see actionable examples from Cognism.
PPC 101: The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing
PPC 101: The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing
Get quick returns with this in-depth guide to pay-per-click marketing! You’ll get an overview of PPC platforms, ad formats, and best practices.

Lead Generation

Is Buying Email Lists Worth It? Only If You Do It Right
Is Buying Email Lists Worth It? Only If You Do It Right
Is buying email lists worth it? When done strategically and ethically, buying targeted lists can enhance your marketing. Click to see the pros and cons.
How to Generate Leads from Facebook: 9 Proven Strategies
How to Generate Leads from Facebook: 9 Proven Strategies
Learn how to generate leads from Facebook with our guide - featuring success stories and tips from Cognism’s team. Read now!
Lead Generation Cost
How Much Does Lead Generation Cost? [+How to Optimise It]
Learn to calculate and optimise lead generation cost and compare it with the average cost per lead in your industry. Click to find out how.

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Posts by Greig Robertson

Greig Robertson is a former content marketer at Cognism. He is an experienced marketer with a passion for creating engaging content that drives results.

Data Provider Scrubbing Against Global Do Not Call Lists
In this blog, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Do Not Call lists and how Cognism’s compliant B2B data protects you against ICO fines.
Chrome Extension: How to Get Actionable B2B Contact Data in LinkedIn
Stop spending endless hours prospecting in LinkedIn Sales Nav with actionable B2B contact data in the Cognism Chrome Extension.
3 Avoidable Mistakes Sales Leaders Make While Ramping SDRs
If your SDR training program is ad hoc, you may be sleepwalking into traps that hamper reps' development. Learn how to avoid them once and for all.
Cognism's Content Marketing Tech Stack
13 of the best content tools? Take a look at our content marketing tools and start transforming your department into an untouchable asset.
How Not to Lose Readers and Alienate Them
Need to level up your content team? Don't want to compromise on quality? Check out Erin Balsa's top tips for keeping your readers engaged as you scale.
KAPOW 💥: The Sales Leader's Guide to Scaling a Sales Strategy is LIVE
Learn sales strategy lessons the easy way: ✅ Create a scalable outbound model ✅ Fill pipeline with quality opportunities ✅ Align sales and marketing.
HOLY COW 🐮: 5 Scaling Superpowers for Marketing Agencies is LIVE!
Explode your marketing agency's growth with how-to guides on account-based marketing (ABM), total addressable market (TAM) and intent data.

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