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20 awesome - and free - B2B marketing tools

July 23, 2020

Cognism’s marketing team has just one mantra - “marketing isn’t an art, it’s a science.”

To succeed, all you need is a data driven marketing mindset - the ability to select metrics, track data and make decisions based on the insights it gives you. And to help you do this, you need to be B2B tech-savvy.

When it comes to B2B marketing tech, a lot of companies make the same mistake. They instantly sign up for the hottest, latest, most expensive tools. A few world-leading brands are definite marketing tech must-haves (Salesforce, HubSpot are 2 we couldn’t live without!), but in general, you don’t need to go big to get results.

Here at Cognism, we’re big fans of leveraging free tools. So, we decided to curate a list of our favourites! Using these tools, we managed to 5x our blog views in 2 months, land on page 1 of Google for our target keywords and increase our content leads by 240%.

Keep scrolling 👇 to get Team Cognism’s list of awesome free B2B marketing tools!

1 - Project management: Trello

Trello is an intuitive and flexible productivity tool based around a combination of boards, cards and lists. Cognism Marketing uses it to manage projects across the team. 👍

2 - Video conferencing: Zoom

If like us you’re working from home, then you’ll want to keep the communication going with your team. We recommend Zoom - it’s the very best tool of its type. Create meeting rooms and invite your colleagues to join. Just remember to turn off “Mute”! 😄

3 - Analytics: Google Analytics

It’s almost unbelievable that Google gives this away for free! Google Analytics provides a fearsome suite of tools for measuring and reporting on the performance of your marketing. No B2B marketing team should be without it! 💯

4 - Reporting: Google Data Studio

Another amazing freebie from Google! Data Studio turns your B2B data into reports and dashboards that are easy to read, easy to share and fully customisable. There’s no need for those unattractive PowerPoint presentations any more! 📊

5 - Email marketing: BEE Free

Our Global Head of Demand Generation, Liam Bartholomew, recommended BEE Free as a great email marketing tool for startups and scale-ups. With it, you can design and build professional marketing emails in minutes. 📨

6 - Forms and surveys: Typeform

Looking to engage your
ideal customers with forms and surveys? Typeform makes this easy. Create interactive forms or questionnaires and gather more data on your target audience. Typeform includes a freemium model alongside its paid packages. ✅

7 - PPC: Google Keyword Planner

Augustinas Tarabilda is our Performance Marketer and PPC wizard! His number one free PPC tool is Google Keyword Planner. It’s second to none for looking up keyword volumes and trends. 📈

8 - Competitor analysis: iSpionage

Another pick from Augustinas - iSpionage! This useful tool provides landing page surveillance, website monitoring and competitive keyword research. A great way to keep a close eye on your top competitors. 🕵️

9 - Prospecting: Cognism Chrome Extension

Need help finding contributors for your blogs or panellists for your webinars? Cognism’s Chrome Extension is a simple, free B2B prospecting tool that generates a good deal of useful data. Click on any LinkedIn profile and instantly get their business phone number and email address. 🔎

10 - Blogging: Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform, free for all. Sign up and start engaging your audience with your marketing content. The platform also contains a valuable analytics function. If you join, be sure to follow Cognism’s Medium right here! 📖

11 - Copywriting: Hemingway App

Greig Robertson is the SEO & Content Executive at Mailtastic. The number one content marketing tool he can’t do without is Hemingway App. And with good reason - it’s a content marketer’s dream! Simply paste your latest blog into the platform to get a grade. The lower the grade, the more readable your copy. ✍️

12 - On-page SEO: GDoc SEO Assistant

Greig’s second-favourite free content marketing tool is GDoc SEO Assistant. It helps you to write SEO-optimised content on Google Docs. All users have to do is enter their target keyword, check their SEO score and optimise their copy based on the app’s suggestions. 📑

13 - Keyword research: SEO Hero


A smart and simple keyword explorer tool. Joe Barron, Cognism Content Manager, recommends SEO Hero if you haven’t got the SEO firepower of Ahrefs or Moz. Type in your keywords, find others related to them, and drive a strong content strategy for your website. 🗐

14 - SERP snippet generation: SERPsim


Joe recommends another quick and easy free tool for B2B content marketers: SERPsim. Paste in your blog URLs and optimise the SEO titles and meta descriptions. It’s a highly accurate SERP simulator and is frequently updated to match Google’s algorithms. 💻

15 - Link building: MozBar


The industry-leading SEO toolbar. Download it to Google Chrome and gain instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP, including Page Authority and Domain Authority. A powerful little tool that packs a big punch; it can be used for quickly finding backlink opportunities. Did we mention it was free?! 🔗

16 - Social media management: Buffer

Buffer is the go-to for social media management on a budget. Plan and publish your content all from one simple dashboard. Buffer’s free option allows for the management of 3 social accounts and 10 scheduled posts per day. 📱

17 - Graphic design: Canva

Ognen Bojkovski is Cognism’s Graphic Designer. If you’re working at a startup with minimal resources, but you still want to produce graphics that wow your audience, he suggests that Canva is the choice for you. Access millions of templates, stock photographs, vectors and more - all for free. No graphic design experience required! 🎨

18 - Infographics: Piktochart


Ognen’s second choice for graphic design without breaking the bank is Piktochart. Browse an extensive library of templates and create stunning, impactful infographics. Piktochart’s free package has limited features but is still a good option for creating professional-looking images. 🖍️

19 - Video marketing: DaVinci Resolve

Emily Liu is Cognism’s Video Marketing Executive. You may have seen her incredible work on our homepage or on our social media. If you want to create similar masterpieces but you haven’t quite got the money for it, then Emily suggests looking into DaVinci Resolve. It’s an innovative free tool for video editing, effects and post-production. 📼

20 - Integrations: Zapier

Last but certainly not least, Zapier is our CMO Alice de Courcy’s choice. It connects all your tools and apps together, through automated workflows also known as Zaps. The basic free plan gives you 5 Zaps and a limit of 100 tasks per month. 🔄

Bonus tools

Graphic design: Visme


Here's a bonus tool we've been made aware of - Visme! A versatile content creation platform for generating presentations, infographics, documents, videos, graphics and everything in between. Sign up for free! 🖌️

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So there you have it! Those are Cognism’s Top 20 free B2B marketing tools! What are your favourites? Why not let us know by connecting with us on LinkedIn?

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