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Cognism, a Lusha alternative: Better EU coverage, phone-verified contact data, & more

Lusha is one of the top B2B email and phone number finders on the market. Users praise its ease of use and its ability to provide prospect contact data. However, they find issues with data coverage, compliance, and correctness. As someone in the market for a sales intelligence platform, these issues may ring true with you. As a result, you're looking for a Lusha alternative that can fill these data gaps.

On this, we've got you covered. 

Cognism can provide you with strong EU data coverage and phone-verified contact data, while guaranteeing global data compliance. Don’t just take our word for it: 

Review feature comparisons, real-user reviews, integrations, and more below to see whether Cognism or Lusha is the platform for you.

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Lusha alternative

Lusha alternative feature comparison: Cognism 🆚




G2 rating




  • High-quality European & US data.
  • Contact + contextual data including employment history, sales trigger events, intent data.
  • Coverage of various job titles, industries, and segments.
  • More mobiles than any other provider on the market.
  • Diamonds-on-Demand ® feature allows you to request Cognism to find and phone-verify your most valuable prospects.
  • US-centric; low EU coverage.
  • Most available phone numbers are for sales professionals. Limited phone number coverage for other job titles. 
  • No research on demand.



  • Diamond Verified Phone Data ® arms your team with validated, factually correct mobile numbers.
  • Proprietary email verification process and classification of B2B emails.
  • 5x increase in reach.
  • 7x increase in connect rates.
  • 80% fewer calls needed for better results.


  • No verified phone data


  • GDPR & CCPA compliant.
  • Headquartered and founded in the UK off the back of GDPR compliance.
  • Microsoft GDPR partner.
  • Reviewed and regulated by the ICO. 
  • Notified database. 
  • Business emails only. 
  • Phone numbers cleaned against global Do Not Call lists.

  • CCPA compliant. 
  • Based in Israel. 
  • GDPR compliance policy unknown.
  • No EU-US Privacy Shield. 
  • Terms position Lusha as a security company, not a B2B data provider. 
  • Lusha provides personal email addresses, which is against privacy regulations. 


  • Web application including Prospector & Enhance.
  • Chrome Extension for LinkedIn prospecting.  
  • Consent-based intent data on a user level powered by Bombora. 
  • Can be combined with firmographic/technographic search filters to make it as actionable as possible.  
  • Possible to upload a list of target accounts to identify the buying committee and direct contact information.
  • Unrestricted views, individual and page-level exporting.
  • Point solution used with Linkedin & web application in early stages.
  • No intent data.  
  • Enrichment API comes at a big premium.
  • Credit-based packages.


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Key takeaways: Cognism vs Lusha

For a quick summary of the information in the table, see below 👇


Lusha and Cognism are both categorised as sales intelligence and lead intelligence on G2. That said, Cognism is a global data provider with strong EU coverage, while Lusha's database is US focused. Additionally, Cognism offers more data types, including intent data powered by industry leader Bombora.


Diamond Data ® is phone-verified contact data that confirms the identity of your prospect and the accuracy of their contact details. This is a premium data asset unparalleled in the sales intelligence space. Review the infographic below to find out the results Diamond Data ® can deliver 👇

Lusha alternative


Cognism is globally compliant and headquartered in the UK. Lusha claims CCPA & GDPR compliance but it provides personal email addresses, which is non-compliant.  

Cognism also scrubs its data against global DNC lists, while Lusha does not, putting you at risk of a hefty ICO fine like this one

Real-user reviews 💬


On G2, Lusha comes in at 4.3 with 18 one-star reviews, whereas Cognism comes in at 4.7 with 2 one-star reviews. 


On data coverage, here’s what a Lusha customer had to say:

"Expect results for US contacts to be better than European ones."

By contrast, Cognism has a global database specialising in European data. Meanwhile, Diamonds-on-Demand ® allows you to request Cognism to validate high-value contacts on demand. 


Here’s what a Lusha customer thought of the correctness of their data:

“I dislike that sometimes an email or phone number will be completely not associated with the person - as I stated it can be hit or miss.”

On the other hand, Cognism’s customer, Ultima, had the following to say:

"The sales managers used to make 100-150 calls per day. Now they can achieve their targets by making 30 calls per day because they are calling prospects who actually pick up the phone. That’s more results, less calls."


Here’s what a Lusha user had to say about compliance:

“In Europe, we have got the GDPR regulation and there we got a lot of objections regarding the source of the data. So not knowing where the information in Lusha comes from is really a negative.”

Lusha is CCPA compliant while its GDPR stance is unknown, largely because the company is based in Israel and not regulated by the EU. On the other hand, Cognism goes above and beyond GDPR & CCPA compliance. We’re registered with the ICO, the UK regulator, we notify our database, hold only B2B emails, and check against global DNC lists. 

Our customer, Devo, can back us up: 

“Everything Cognism did [compliance wise] impressed us, from sending out emails to contacts, letting them know you have their data, plus giving them the choice to opt-in or opt-out. It was clear that Cognism took its compliance commitments very seriously. We didn’t see that same level of commitment from other companies.”

Customer support

Where customer support is concerned, here’s what a Lusha customer had to say:

“I dislike the customer service team of Lusha, they are very late and the reply is very slow from their side. Sometimes I have to wait for more than 30 minutes to get the technical answer from the service team.”

Cognism, on the other hand, has a BESMA award-winning customer support team which is contactable via email and live chat. Live chat has an average response rate of 42 seconds and a 100% satisfaction score.  

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Access ✅



  • Unrestricted access to data, including unlimited views and individual and page-level exports. 
  • More mobile numbers than any other provider on the market, helping increase speed to connect.
  • Bulk exporting workflow available for teams that need to build account and prospect lists. For example, operations and marketing.
  • Unrestricted access to Diamond Data ® as well as technographics and sales event triggers.
  • Users can also choose to include intent data and Diamonds-on-Demand ® in their package.
  • Toggle option to hide DNC-listed contact information by region.
  • Per contact/credit price.
  • No phone-verified contacts.
  • No research on demand. 
  • No intent data. 
  • No toggle option to hide DNC-listed information.





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Platform and integration 🔗

Integration comes as standard with Cognism and can be used with all leading CRMs including Salesforce and Hubspot. 

Lusha, on the other hand, requires you to pay extra for integration and only works once you’ve downloaded the app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

What’s more, each platform offers search and reporting. However, Cognism’s platform is more mature, while Lusha’s has recently launched. 

Lusha alternative FAQs 🗣

Does Cognism or Lusha provide better access?

Cognism provides unrestricted access to its platform to all users. You also have the option to purchase credits in order to build large lists. Lusha’s access is more prohibitive, coming without phone-verified contacts and intent data. Its inclusion of personal contact data is also noncompliant.

Do Cognism and Lusha have dedicated Customer Success teams?

Lusha has an online help centre, although G2 reviews speak about robotic, template responses.

On the other hand, Cognism offers BESMA award-winning customer support via email and live chat. Live chat has an average response rate of 42 seconds and both email support and live chat have 100% satisfaction scores. 

Do Lusha and Cognism provide personal email addresses?

According to real G2 user reviews, Lusha provides personal email addresses. In accordance with GDPR, Cognism does not.

Do Lusha and Cognism notify their databases that they hold their data?

Lusha doesn’t notify its database about holding their data. Cognism’s database is notified.

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