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Cognism’s global database complies with evolving international privacy laws,
enabling thousands of revenue teams to prospect with complete confidence.

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Notified database

GDPR does not allow the invisible processing of data. To stay compliant, data vendors need to inform their data subjects they hold their personal data for direct marketing purposes. 

Cognism helps you stay ahead of global privacy laws, providing you with a notified database that meets all B2B consent requirements.

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Smile & dial

Are you worried about using mobile data? Do you question its compliance with global data privacy laws and regulations? 

That ends today. 

With Cognism, you’ll get mobile numbers that are cross-checked against global DNC lists. Stop worrying and double-checking the data yourself and focus on wooing, wowing and winning your prospects. 

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Third-party compliance checks

We have an in-house Legal & Compliance team who work alongside a leading UK media and technology law firm to ensure that our data aligns with CCPA & GDPR.

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