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Unlock effortless email automation and outbound sequencing

Fully sync your inbox with Cognism’s all-in-one prospecting solution. Send emails and follow-ups to your prospects via your personal or business email account. We provide integrations for any email service provider. Run email outreach and follow-ups directly from your own mailbox.

Cognism’s email integrations help you:

Decrease the time spent on prospecting by up to 52%. Contact thousands of potential buyers directly through your inbox.

Find the perfect recipients for your sales and marketing email campaigns. Access a database of over 400M B2B business contacts.

Increase response rates by sending targeted multi-stage email sequences. Utilise sales triggers to identify leads when they are most likely to buy.

Send emails with confidence. Refresh your email list, fill in any missing data gaps and only send to verified B2B email addresses.

Access revenue-generating data directly inside your preferred CRM

Use Cognism’s real-time business data to streamline the B2B prospecting process and increase conversion rates. Find and deliver the new revenue opportunities living inside your CRM data by creating personas, generating B2B leads and enriching your existing records.

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Cognism’s CRM integrations help you:

Build an effective sales pipeline directly inside your CRM. Cognism will provide you with actionable B2B contact data and automate your prospecting workflows.

Enhance the quality of your CRM data to improve your prospecting process. Reach up your ideal customers up to 30% faster.

Improve your reporting with revenue-boosting data and actionable insights from inside your CRM.

Avoid costly data decay inside your CRM with Cognism’s data enrichment solutions. Up to 70% of CRM data degrades every year.

Power up your prospecting today with Cognism’s seamless integrations

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