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5 sales quotes that’ll help you set your reps alight

February 17, 2021

In 2021, building success in B2B sales looks very different. 

You’ve got to figure out how to keep your team motivated while they work remotely. You’ve also got to figure out how to scale a remote sales team, what metrics to use, and how to integrate inbound and outbound

Not sure where to start? 🧐

Here’s a quick recap of the best quotes from our Revenue Engines webinar.

Our panellists were: 

Their insights are sure to inspire you and your SDRs to smash sales this year.

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Motivating your reps remotely 🥇

Sometimes, the best things in life are straightforward, as Collin explains.  

Keep it simple 🧮

“If you had to ask me ‘what’s the one thing that keeps your reps motivated while they’re remote?’ I would honestly tell you it’s something as simple as our Slack channel.

“Slack is a great way to create momentum and chatter within the team. When a rep books a meeting, there’s a notification. People are giving shoutouts to one another.”

“On the days when Slack is on fire, it’s incredibly exciting and builds that motivation from afar.”

Get creative 🎨

Although Slack channels are a great motivator, Collin also says you can get more creative.

“We’re overseeing sales reps - they’re naturally competitive. So, it’s up to us to put them into a competitive environment.”

“We created Pandemic Pairs. It’s a tournament bracket of reps progressing and winning. On a Monday, at the beginning of a month, we pair everyone off - rep 1 VS rep 2, and then that day they compete against each other.”

“Whoever wins for that day (booked the most meetings, made the most calls, etc.) moves on to the next day. At the end of the week, there’s a winner who is congratulated by leadership. SDRs love that. They’re willing to work really hard to be seen by leadership.”

Evaluate skills, but don’t include too many metrics 🔢

“One mistake I made when I was a manager was getting inspired by new metrics and adding them onto the things reps should be focused on. That resulted in core metrics becoming less valuable to SDRs. Pick five or six metrics to evaluate skills. That’s all you need.”

Collin also suggests picking one coaching metric to help you, as a leader, coach your reps.

Scaling your sales team with the right metrics 🧗

Kris took us through adapting metrics and the expectations of SDRs when working from home. Here’s how Cognism handled the new normal.

“Working remotely meant getting back to basics. It’s all about instilling the basic activity metrics. Even if you’re an SDR who has a flow, restart and go back to the basics. We re-evaluated our sales metrics in the new normal.

Always track against these benchmarks: 75 calls per day, meetings booked vs meetings attended rate, SDRs need to book X amount of meetings a month. If your reps are hitting lower, dig into the data and find the issues.”

“You should keep your reps accountable through regular 1-2-1s with the SDR Team Leads, and give your reps recognition.”

Uniting sales and marketing 🤝

Liam Bartholomew, our Global Head of Demand Generation, explains that there’s a psychological impact of creating a revenue team.

“It removes the immediate divide between sales and marketing and makes all wins feel incredible. All wins are celebrated in the same way at Cognism. This is really motivating for both your sales and your marketing teams.”

“Having a revenue team suggests that everyone is in it together. It really unites sales and marketing as one. We do everything as a big team. We have a Revenue Team Slack channel so marketing is there witnessing all the deals coming in from marketing-attributed sources, which keeps them involved in the exact same way that the sales team is.”

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