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Harnessing the Power of Intent Data: Q4 '23 at Cognism

2023 was a hell of a year at Cog, we experienced growth in numerous ways, both in our product offering and customer experience as well as our internal processes.

Let’s wrap up a year brimming with achievements with a recap on Q4 ‘23, and give you a sneak preview of what to expect from 2024...🚀

Scroll for the Product and Data milestones we reached in the final quarter of 2023👇🏻

Data coverage

Out with the old, and in with the new!

Improving our data quality and offering is always a priority here at Cognism, and our new data ingestion engine is primed and ready to do just that.

In Q4 we deployed a new method of data collection. But, what does this mean for our customers?

  1. Improved data quality - We always have the quantity of data in mind but our new ingestion engine propels quality to the forefront.
  2. Decreased duplicate contacts in your database  - This means fewer dead ends and more time making calls that matter. 
  3. Even though we’ve been focused on creating a better foundation for our data improvement in 2024 - we still made some major lifts in our database volume during Q4 of ‘23, including a 17.72% increase in Mobile Numbers in the US and a HUGE uplift of 109.83% in Mobile Numbers in Spain!

“From a marketing perspective, it offers us significant flexibility through advanced filtering, enabling quick, data-driven decisions which we can use to enhance campaigns.”

“On the sales side, it seamlessly integrates with our normal workflows, offering effortless access to initiate potential sales conversations.’ 

Andrew Harkness, Head of Marketing at Huboo

Read full case study →

Data quality

That's 10 million Diamond Data® numbers in the bag!

We rounded off the year here at Cognism with a staggering 10 million phone-verified mobile numbers. Our Diamond Data contacts enable our customers to get in touch with 87% of their lists and deliver an average of 3x the standard connection rate. Impressive right? 

The numbers don't lie, take a look at the results of our independent study below 🥸DD-Graphic-Redesign-1

We’re growing our phone-verified database every day - and with our new data ingestion engine, this process is becoming more efficient, impactful, and widespread. 

It’s always best to hear it from a customer though, so continue reading 👇🏻

"Being able to request Diamond verification and use readily available Diamond Data® is a huge benefit as you can be sure the person you’re trying to reach will be the one to pick up the phone."

"Cognism takes the burden of guessing and hunting around for someone’s direct number off your shoulders."

Cody Federmann, Regional Director of Business Development at Precoa

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G2 Winter Badges

Looks like we swept the winter G2 awards, again! We’re elated to share that we were awarded a huge 75 badges in Q4 of 2023 - ending the year on a total high 🎉 

We've continuously climbed the ranks year on year since our inception, and this year we've achieved recognition as the best overall leader in the Enterprise segment, while also being awarded the overall leader in the UK, EMEA, and Americas.

James Isilay, CEO of Cognism, said:

“We are delighted by the remarkable journey of Cognism, marked by a succession of record-breaking awards. The unwavering dedication of our exceptional team is evident as we consistently ascend in G2’s Quarterly Reports.”

“Central to our mission remains a steadfast commitment to delivering on promises and ensuring the unparalleled success of our customers.”

“We extend a heartfelt thank you to our valued customers for their contributions. Your trust fuels our passion for excellence.”

Cognism garnered recognition as the 'Most Implementable,' 'Fastest Implementation,' and 'Highest User Adoption' in the Lead Mining Implementation Index Report, securing a total of three 'Most Implementable' badges.

Evan Nelson, the VP of Customer Experience and leader of the Customer Success Team at Cognism, shared his thoughts, stating:

“We’re proud to receive these awards from G2. They’re a testament to the quality of our customer relationships and our teams’ hard work.”

“It’s gratifying to witness customers not only acknowledging our achievements but also appreciating the speed and effectiveness of our implementation process, which we’ve worked so hard on to drive revenue growth at their organisations."

…And we’re not stopping there. Expect to hear a lot more from us in terms of customer journey and satisfaction in 2024 as we grow our platform to suit specific needs and continue to lead the way in sales intelligence.


Now… let's cut to the best bit. Take a dive into the features we’ve delivered in the last quarter to maximise our customer's time, energy, and resource.

From streamlined browser extension activities to simplified report exporting, we’ve developed our product suite significantly, not just in Q4 but throughout the year.

Jump in below 👇🏻

Web App

Intent Data Subscription Management 

  • Changes to the Intent Data Subscription Management updates the way topics are assigned to users. Intent topics are now assigned per account, up to a maximum of 12, and admins have a 72-hour testing period after selecting their topics. You'll learn more about this a little later on in this post! 👇🏻

My Companies Exclusions

  • This feature introduces an exclusion feature in "My Companies" that allows users to select companies to be excluded from search results in Prospector, thereby enhancing our user's ability to fine-tune their searches.

Select all Companies in "My Companies" 

  • Enhances the "My Companies" section by allowing users to save more than 25 companies at a time and also adds a "Select All" functionality.

My Companies Intent and Event Data

  • This feature offers users 'live' intent data for companies in "My Companies" to gain insights into their current interests and behaviours and is updated on a consistent basis, providing reliable updates on any change.

Persona Creation

  • Personas allows users to create and apply personas in Prospector as filters on employee and coworker lists. This provides shortcuts and insights for improved targeting and faster workflows.

Browser Extension

Introducing Company Highlights

  • Removing the Company Tab in the Browser Extension and moving the information to the 'Company Highlights' section frees up space within the Browser Extension, providing an improved user experience and more streamlined workflows.

Settings & Integrations

Exporting Dashboard Reports & Improvements 

  • Enables Admin users the capability to export the dashboard and its reports as a PDF or CSV. Alongside this, information such as the 'Last Login Date' and 'Activity' of users is now surfaced.

Custom SAML 2.0 & Azure SSO

  • The introduction of this feature allows customers to utilise their own SAML 2.0 or Azure SSO authentication method - providing increased security and ease of use.

Intent Data - Timely Outreach and Tailored Approach

We’ve made some amendments to the way that our Diamond users manage their Intent Data preferences. Putting the power in their hands, we’ve shifted to a 12-topic per account model and made it possible for account admins to amend these topics themselves every 90 days.

There is a 72-hour testing period, however, before the topics are locked in for the quarter - enabling our user to find their best fit.

Enabling further alignment in chosen topics throughout an organisation, increased operational efficiency, and laser-focused outreach with intent signals that deliver the most impact for them.

Intent Data enables Sales and marketing teams to thrive.

How do we envision you thriving with Intent Data at Cognism you may ask? Timing, Teamwork & Cognizance.

What does that mean for you?

  • Increased team unity is a product of shared goals. Intent Data aligns your approach to outreach and targeted campaigns.
  • Intent Data reinvigorates tired, generic campaigns with customer insight and utilisation of precise targeting.
  • Intent acts as your trusted advisor - perfecting your resource allocation and leaving you with less difficult decisions to make. 
  • Being in the right place at the right time. Having the ability to pinpoint when companies are going to be most receptive and strike while the iron is hot!

The power of Intent Data is in your hands as a Diamond Cognism customer. To show you how easy it is, we’ve developed a series of Playbooks which walk you through the best practice approaches to different scenarios in which you can utilise Intent signals to propel your daily tasks further.

  1. LinkedIn Campaigns
  2. Preventing Customer Churn (Coming soon)
  3. Sales Prioritisation (Coming soon)

Discover the Cognism experience for yourself

There’s a lot to take in up there 👆🏻

Wanna speak to a member of our team about what you’ve seen us achieve this quarter as the leading sales intelligence provider? Hit that demo button down here 👇🏻


And by the next product update blog, you can have adopted new time-saving workflows like this…

“The best thing about Cognism is how much time it saves us. The platform is user-friendly and allows us to do things quickly.”

Andrew Harkness, Head of Marketing at Huboo

Maximised your strategic outreach plans with our advanced ideal contact identifiers like this…

“The most significant benefit of using Cognism is our ability to confidently connect with the right individuals at the right time.” 

“Cognism’s intent data and Diamond verification features are invaluable. They give us peace of mind that we can trust the timing of our outreach to be relevant and ensure we’re delivering valuable content.”

David James, Field Sales Manager at Cloudwerx

Made connections with exactly who you need to be targeting to increase your key metrics like this…

“If you want your sales team to get in front of more buyers, then you need to do that properly with the right software. That software is Cognism.”

Zak Heath, Al Development Application Specialist at Ebo

And be on your way to generating impressive ROI, fast, just like this…

  • Over 50% of meetings booked through Cognism.
  • €45k of opportunities.
  • 80% connection rate.
  • 50% conversion rate to opportunity on inbound.
  • 36% inbound opps created, 26% of outbound booked through Cognism.

Account Executive at a leading Digital-Native Firm

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