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Refresh & enrich stale data to unlock new revenue

Avoid common side-effects of bad data including reduced productivity, missed sales opportunities, and wasted marketing spend.

Refresh stale records, fill in missing data gaps, and ensure your teams are always working with fresh, accurate and compliant B2B data.

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Give stale data a new lease of life

  • As data ages, it loses value. Every day, people change jobs, get promoted or move to a new city. Import and update your existing business data inside your preferred CRM. Cognism integrates with all leading providers.
  • Populate any missing data points on a person or account level, including job title, location, industry and financials.

Enrich your missing data gaps

Enrich your data to improve database segmentation, run account-based searches and build highly targeted prospect lists for your sales and marketing campaigns.

Better data means better marketing

  • Improve campaign effectiveness, email deliverability, and response rates with the latest verified B2B data points including accurate email addresses, phone numbers, names and job titles.
  • Create custom audiences with ease and drive up your match rates across advertising platforms with additional data points.

Make sales easier

  • Work with the latest, real-time company, people and event data.
  • Generate new sales and revenue opportunities from clients that have changed jobs or companies.
  • Ensure your sales and marketing teams have all the information they need to qualify leads and close new business faster.

Worried about compliance?

You don't need to be.

  • At Cognism, we maintain a fully compliant, notified database of 400M B2B contacts and 15M companies. We're registered with the ICO, the UK regulator and work with a top legal firm to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • With Cognism, you can be rest assured you'll always get data that addresses all B2B consent requirements.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Unlock new revenue with fresh, accurate data

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