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Speed to Lead & Diverting Data Decay: Q3 '23 at Cognism

We’re another quarter down here at Cognism, and that means we’re back to fill you in on what we’ve been working on in the last three months. From major product developments and data diversification - we’ve been busy, to say the least.

Let’s dive into the last quarter’s achievements, and you may even get a sneak peek of what to expect next.

Scroll for the Product and Data milestones we’ve reached in the last three months 👇🏻

Data coverage

We’ve done it again... 

You already know that we pride ourselves on the availability and extensive offering of mobile data here at Cognism - but for Q3 we wanted to ensure we paid the same attention to our email data, too! Offering you a 360* approach to prospecting, no matter who you want to get in touch with.

"Cognism helps us get our foot in the door at key accounts quicker. The value doesn’t come from generating tons of opportunities but from giving us a considerable amount of confidence that good data is going into our CRM."

"The database gives us crystal clear visibility across accounts and a better potential chance of revenue."

George Elsey, Sales Operations Analyst at Slalom

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As usual - our mobile data continues to dominate the market, with ramping up in various regions offering you more coverage in locations you may not have even considered yet.

In the last three months alone, we have seen an increase across all of our regions, including:

  • +4.54% in Spain
  • +4.371% in France
  • +2.31% in Italy
  • +0.58% in the UK
  • +13.64% in DACH
  • +3.64% in the Nordics
  • +9.41% in the US
  • +35.47% in APAC

As mentioned, we wanted to deliver you more email data in our third quarter, and we have worked hard to do just that - so you can benefit from improved confidence in the contacts you use in your campaigns.

Take a look at our stats 👇🏻

  • +4.69% in France
  • +3.83% in Spain
  • +3.99% in Italy
  • +2.61% in the UK
  • +7.21% in DACH
  • +2.99% in the Nordics
  • +5.17% in the US
  • +5.77% in APAC

Data quality

Diamond Data® numbers fly past 9 million!

In one quarter we’ve made over a million accurate Diamond Data® contacts available to our customers.

Don’t just take my word for it, hear it firsthand from a Cognism customer 👇🏻

"I believe Cognism is unique in providing the full package of intent and Diamond Verified Data. It's a game changer."

"Cognism enables us to enter new markets as efficiently as possible because we now have the right tools, armed with the right data in order to make the biggest impact. The success snowballs from there."

Paul Donnachie, Sales Manager of EMEA at Keboola

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What’s up next for our data?

Staying informed on where we’re taking the Cognism product suite is important to you, so it’s important to us. Delivering new functionality and improvements to existing features drives both our own, and your organisations’ departments forward, so take a look at what we’ve got planned for the next quarter, you won’t be disappointed:

As well as our previous initiatives outlined in H1

Enhanced person deduplication

Reduced duplicates in our B2B data asset, ensuring your credits, and time, are being spent on unique individuals.

Strengthened email quality

Improved deliverability and reach, boosting campaigns and individual flow of conversation.

Fresher company data

Smoother account identification, research, and list-building workflows that will increase efficiency and speed.

Improved technographic coverage

Deeper insight into the technology stacks of various companies, so you know exactly where you stand.

We’re adding…

Expanded Events Trigger Focus

In response to the growing demands of our customers and the evolving global business landscape, we’re excited to announce that we’re focusing efforts on extending our hiring event triggers to encompass a worldwide reach.

European Mobile Data

Continued dedication to remaining the best provider of mobile data in Europe. Our increased investments in sourcing and validating this data will allow us to offer approximately 10 million mobile numbers in Europe of overall higher quality, including 1 million verified as Diamond records.

There’s never been a better time to be team Cognism, right?


This is what you really came here for. What have we delivered in the last quarter to improve our customers’ workflows in departments across their businesses?

Don’t waste any time, jump in below 👇🏻

Web App

Contact Data Indicators

  • These show how many Mobiles, Emails and Diamonds a company account has within Cognism - giving sales teams insight into who they’re prospecting.

My Companies

  • This allows users to easily create and maintain a list of Accounts that are relevant to them.
  • This can be done manually with Account search/selection, IAP/Account list uploads, or automatically with CRM data sync. 

Intent Data

  • Now within the Company Highlights Person Profile users are able to easily surface key intent data (topics, surge score, trend) in other areas of the platform.
  • This was previously limited to just the intent tab and some visibility on Search Results.

Intent Data in Person Contact Search

  • This addition enables users to easily Surface key intent data (topics, surge score, trend) in other areas of the platform.
  • Currently, this is limited to just the intent tab and some visibility on Search Results.

My Companies CRM Indicator

  • Customers can now see Companies that are in their CRM from the My Companies page.
  • A CRM status indicator is now available when there is a Salesforce or HubSpot integration active.

Revenue Range Custom Filters

  • With the addition of extra revenue filters, we aim to provide users with the ability to manually input custom revenue ranges, enhancing the granularity of search and filtering capabilities within the platform.

Relevant Technologies within Sales Signals

  • Customers now have a place to store technologies somewhere (e.g. Cognism SDRs would store Salesforce, Apollo, Lusha, ZoomInfo, and Hubspot) and display them in the Company Highlights section.  

Browser Extension

LinkedIn Recruiter

  • A user-favourite is now supported by the Browser Extension - giving customers more places to prospect!


Bullhorn integration is coming…

  • We’re working in partnership with Bullhorn to deliver our customers an increased integration.
  • Stay tuned during Q4, it’s not one to miss!

Enrich - Serving Speed to Lead and Diverting Data Decay

Our new product, Cognism Enrich, has landed!

We built Enrich with our customers in mind and aim to serve various departments in their organisations through a powerful and precise data refinement tool. Want to know how Enrich can benefit your team? We’ve got you covered…


CMO Marketing


VP Sales


CRO RevOps

Cognism Enrich aims to streamline the consistent refresh of your CRM, and also act as the go-to for lead refinement before outreach campaigns begin.

Increase the confidence in your data as Enrich optimises the contact information within your database on a periodic basis, set entirely to meet your requirements and seamlessly integrated with Salesforce.

Attended a trade show or expo? Gear up for follow-up campaigns with as much relevant data as possible, and maximise your ROI, fast.

Discover the Cognism experience for yourself

There’s a lot to take in up there 👆🏻

Wanna speak to a member of our team about what you’ve seen us achieve this quarter as the leading sales intelligence provider? Hit that demo button down here 👇🏻


And by the time of our next product update, you can have evaluated our competitors and come to a conclusion like this…

"I think from the outside, your competitors look very advanced and fancy. They claim to be a 5-in-1 solution, or they can do anything we want them to do."

"But we had a trial for one and discovered that the database was not very up to date. Compared to Cognism it's very old. The European database is not as strong as Cognism."

Michael Wong, Head of Marketing at Plandek

Maximised your event follow-up with as much ease as this…

"Since using the platform, we can find the contact details of an event attendee at the click of a button."

"Here's an example: we've just concluded NRF and we've had our best-ever number of pre-booked meetings. Approximately 25% of these meetings came from email addresses that were pulled from Cognism!"

Harvey Jaggard-Hawkins, Business Development Manager at StoreForce

Revel in drastically improved speed to lead, similar to this…

"I'd say that Cognism's contributions to our overall sales generated pipeline would be about 20-40% of our total leads, which is a lot."

"Also, the speed to lead. Finding leads from certain companies used to take up to two days, but now it's about 2 minutes. It's amazing!"

Alexandru Taraboanta, Inside Sales Support & Lead Generation Expert at Aexus

And be on your way to generating return on your investment, fast, just like this…

"Before Cognism, the record number of meetings booked in one day was 26. With Cognism our record is 30 meetings booked in a day and 33% of these meetings are booked with C-Suite Executives!"

"On that day alone, the team generated £5.8 million pounds of revenue."

Sales Operations Executive at an EdTech Company

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