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Beat competitors to the conversation

Stuck chasing prospects after your competitors already had their coffee with them?

Cognism's accurate data gets you there first. 

Connect with 3x more decision-makers globally with peace of mind and a provider seamlessly integrated into your ecosystem.

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 2000+ revenue teams' favourite global sales intelligence provider 

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Skip the phone tag and jump straight into a meaningful conversation with prospects ready to talk
  • 3X connect rate with phone-verified data
  • Global coverage of Do-Not-Call lists
  • Integrations with your tools
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See how it works

How is our data different?

Choosing a sales intelligence provider isn't easy because, let's face it, around 80% of the data seems the same. But here's the thing: it's that 20% that makes a real difference.

At our core, we're not just casting a wide net of global coverage; we're fully committed to refining that crucial 20%—the decision-makers you truly want to reach.

Our customers don't just pick us; they stick with us, because our top-tier data isn't just good; it's head and shoulders above the rest, giving them a clear edge and unlocking doors to vital connections in the first-to-customer race.


Book more meetings by reducing lead response time

  • Route with precision: Enrich incoming leads for precise routing and assignment.
  • Improve lead response time: Capture key contact information upon CRM entry.
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Connect with 87% of your list

Be the first to reach customers, wherever they are.

  • Bypass gatekeepers & dial decision-makers directly: Our accurate mobile numbers connect you to even remote and home-based prospects.
  • 3x your connections: Access phone-verified numbers for ideal-fit prospects your competitors miss.
  • Multi-channel outreach: Secure verified B2B emails, reaching customers on their preferred channel.


Pinpoint the best bets for your time and energy

  • Strike early with intent data: Be the first to know when prospects show buying signals and reach them before the competition enters the picture.
  • Contextualise your pitch: Stay ahead with insights into events like hiring or funding, enhancing your sales and marketing contextual relevance.
  • Go multi-thread with coworker access: Bypass gatekeepers and build relationships across the organization for a smoother sales cycle.
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Made to serve your entire revenue team

GTM Leaders
It used to take 10 dials to have 1 live conversation. Cognism’s phone-verified mobile data helps you connect 9 out of 10 times.
Before we were only calling switchboards and an SDR would be lucky to have two conversations a day. Now using Cognism mobiles, we consistently have eight to ten conversations, resulting in three to four meetings booked.
Result: 5x increase in conversions
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Forget about leads that aren’t reachable or don’t want to talk to your sales team. Use Cognism to generate sales-ready opportunities that turn into conversations ⮕ meetings booked ⮕ revenue.
We have a big marketing engine, but the problem is turning leads from an MQL to an SQL. With Cognism you can turn them into actionable conversations and opportunities. It’s improved the overall outcome of our B2B sales function.
Result: ROI in 8 weeks
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Make achieving quota less hard work and give your revenue team individual, on-demand access to premium B2B data and integrations to their favourite tools.
Today we’re able to measure bad data trends over time. These trends show that Cognism is our most consistent provider of quality phone numbers without any degradation.
Result: Attain ROI in record time
GTM Leaders
Create informed, unified go-to-market strategies and align your sales and marketing teams’ efforts with accurate, up-to-date data.
Overall, Cognism are a game-changer for our go-to-market strategy and have revolutionised the way the SDRs prospect. No other players in the market provide such a vast array of mobile numbers. If we removed Cognism from the SDRs’ workflow, performance would reduce by more than 50%.
Result: 30% increase in conversion rate
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Don't take our word for it

Is Cognism the right solution for your business? 

Cognism is not for you if:
You’re a B2C business or a sole trader
We provide B2B sales intelligence for sales and marketing teams in EMEA, US and DACH regions
You’re looking for freelancers
Cognism is focused on helping businesses make meaningful connections with other businesses
You’re looking for an all-in-one platform
We focus on quality B2B data. For everything else we form best-in-class partnerships so you always get the best the market can offer

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The proof is in the pudding

Ready to see Cognism for yourself? We’d love to learn more about what you’re trying to achieve, show you the platform and explore if and how Cognism can fit your workflows.

3X connect rate

Have more live conversations with phone-verified mobile numbers

Connect with confidence

We notify our database and clean our numbers against global Do Not Call lists, so you can worry less and sell more.