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The Ultimate eBook on Producing eBooks

Okay, we admit it. eBooks aren’t dead.

But only if you update the way they’re done! Out with the old traditional eBook mentality and in with the new quality-driven content journey that makes sense for prospects.

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Bringing the eBook into 2024

You might be thinking… Cognism, doing an eBook… that’s hypocritical! And yes, maybe it does look that way. We have spoken out a fair amount on how we believe eBooks to be a little outdated.

But the truth is, eBooks don’t have to feel outdated, and you can still get some pretty impressive results from them - if you update the way they’re done.

Because if we break it down, there’s nothing wrong with providing a value-led, long-form content asset packed with insights and useful information aimed at your ICP.

The problem comes when you’re doing eBooks for eBook’s sake. Losing sight of why you’re doing them. Only repeating what we have always done. Not thinking about what works best for the prospects you’re trying to serve in the first place.

Because let’s be real, gated eBooks don’t tend to get the results that they used to

Prospects are used to the process, and have been burned before with low-value content followed by premature pushy calls from sales. They’re much more sceptical about giving away their contact details.

Downloading an eBook ≠ intent to buy. Passing these leads over to sales isn’t likely to spark a productive sales conversation. In fact the sales rep might end up hearing responses like ‘what eBook…?’

Prospects are moving more towards finding their information in other formats, e.g. in Slack communities or with video or podcasts.

But what if we were to revolutionise the way we do eBooks?

Putting the prospect at the forefront of decision-making to make the asset truly value-led.

Pack it full with expert insights that you can’t find in a quick Google search.

And make the user journey and post-download nurture something that actually makes sense for the modern buyer?

Well, that’s why we are producing an eBook. To demonstrate and explain exactly how we’d run an eBook play if we were to do them now.

We’ll look at how we’d go about:

  • Planning a new eBook
  • Writing eBook content
  • Promoting and distributing eBooks
  • Improving post-download nurtures
  • Measuring success through a new lens

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