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Your sales team want to
identify companies searching for your
solution or your competitor &
intercept them earlier in their buying journey

Your team

  • Needs additional accounts for SDRs
  • Want to target the low-hanging fruit first

See the workflow step-by-step


What you'll need

  • To find the right contacts at companies searching for your or your competitors’ solution.
  • To start a conversation armed with the right context.

What you'll do 

  • Use the intent data filter in the Cognism Web App to find companies that are in-market right now
  • Export best-fit accounts for your SDR to action
  • SDR uses Cognism Web App to find entries in target accounts
  • SDR exports prospects/contact data to CRM/Sales Engagement tool and starts a conversation

How you'll do it

Who used it & real-life benefits

I generate the data in the WebApp on behalf of the BDMs using the staffing and RPO intent topics. In the search, I can see what topics are surging alongside the surge number. Once I've refined the contacts according to their surge number, I sync the lists into our Bullhorn CRM and assign the contacts from each vertical to an individual BDM. The BDM will then contact the desired prospects within the surging accounts with a personalised message.
Kelly Services
UK Sales Enablement Lead
contacts generated with intent data

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