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Go-to-market has never been this easy

Kicking off new market expansion or entry?
Consolidating your place in current markets?
Got a new offering or launch?

Drive efficiencies, grow revenue and expand into new markets.

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Identify target accounts and contacts with ease

  • How big is your potential market, really? Conduct in-depth TAM analysis and build and segment data lists of accounts and contacts to drive your sales and marketing engines.
  • Gain a competitive edge with access to fully compliant direct dials and verified email addresses.

Take your outreach to new heights by identifying ‘WHEN’ your prospects are in-market, as well as ‘WHO’

  • Prioritise outreach with intent data and drive efficiencies within your revenue team.
  • Find your ‘ready to buy’ accounts and enrich them with contact details so you never miss an opportunity again.

69% of Cognism users see ROI in 6 months or less

Modern revenue teams are aligning their sales and marketing teams more than ever before

  • Align your sales and marketing targeting with dual outreach.
  • Run cold email campaigns with ease. Turn strangers into prospects and prospects into customers.
  • Supplement your outbound efforts with matched audience targeting and increased match rates on your chosen ad platforms.

Designed with ABM in mind

  • Find decision-makers within target accounts.
  • Track and manage key changes within accounts to identify opportunities for account expansion and upsell.
  • Cognism supports outreach across multiple channels: phone, 1-2-1 email, 1-2-many email, plus matched audience targeting.

Seamlessly integrated into your current workflows

  • With Cognism’s suite of integrations, you can enhance your current workflows with minimal friction.
  • Start driving efficiencies in your technology and make your tech stack work harder for you with integrations built for revenue teams.
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World-leading compliance

  • Ensure your data complies with the letter of the law, wherever you operate.
  • Cognism is committed to full compliance with international data regulations. Our database addresses all B2B consent requirements, enabling marketers across the globe to access secure & compliant data with ease.

We can help you:

Target smarter

Identify and target not only ‘WHO’ you want to prospect to, but more importantly ‘WHEN’.

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Prospect efficiently

Arm your sales and marketing teams with the freshest, most compliant contact data, right where they need it most.

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Boost pipeline

Go-to-market more intelligently, powered by the latest data and insights your revenue team needs to exceed their targets from anywhere.

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Take your team to market intelligently with the Cognism platform


Identify your TAM and power up your sales and marketing teams with compliant, fresh B2B contact data.

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Intent Data

Gain a competitive advantage by moving beyond ‘WHO’ to target and focusing on ‘WHEN’.

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Diamond Data®

Penetrate the market easier than ever before with phone-verified contacts at scale.

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Chrome Extension

The SDR’s secret weapon. The perfect contact and account enrichment tool for your LinkedIn prospecting.

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1000+ teams drive predictable revenue with Cognism

“I A/B tested Cognism against a market leader, and checked the results on LinkedIn. Nine times out of ten, Cognism’s data was accurate and error-free, and the market leader’s wasn’t.

That tells you everything you need to know - Cognism isn’t just a great data provider, it’s the absolute best on the market.”

Tom Andrews, Revenue Operations Manager, PassFort

“We receive results daily. Out of all the responses in a given day, approximately 3-4 are favourable, and by favourable I mean the prospects are interested in booking a meeting or ask for more information. With Cognism, we were able to 3x our number of calls every week. Now we’re closing deals all day and we’re able to do a lot more with a lot smaller staff.”

Arrend Jelsma, VP of Recruiting Operations

“In the first 30 days we won new business using Cognism. The tool proved its value right off the bat and we made our money back instantly.

At this point, we're having 15-20 serious conversations per month, all sourced from Cognism’s database and we get a 5X return on our Cognism investment.”

Brian Scanlon, Owner and CEO

Go-to-market with confidence and pinpoint accuracy


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