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Accelerate Speed to Lead with Instant Enrich + Lean Data Routing

Stuck in sales limbo? Inbound leads piling up with no meetings in sight? We hear you. Our new playbook shows how to speed up your response and up your chances of turning those leads into meetings by 60% using Cognism Enrich x Lean Data.

Imagine this:

  • Leads paired with the perfect sales rep pronto, thanks to smart data and routing.
  • Get the lowdown on your prospects with data enrichment, turning more lead opportunities with the right contact details.
  • Engage with those inbound leads fast, catching their interest while it's hot.

Playbook impact
  • 67% increase in MQL to Opp conversion rate
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Antoine Cornet

Head of Revenue Operations at Cognism

Improving speed to lead
Improving lead to meeting booked conversion rate
Improving connect rate
What's on this page:

Step 1: Import your Salesforce data into Cognism

Ensure a seamless connection between Salesforce and Cognism by setting up Cognism x Salesforce Data Import. This enables you to filter prospects already present in Salesforce and is a prerequisite for running enrichment jobs. Once set up, ongoing updates will automatically sync in the background, keeping your data fresh.

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Step 2: Define routing rules

Tailor your lead allocation strategy by defining routing rules based on your unique needs. Options include territory, company hierarchy, use case, deal value, lead score, and availability. 

Identify the specific data points crucial for accurate routing. These rules will guide the enrichment process, ensuring a faster and more precise lead allocation. 

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Step 3 | Set up instant enrichment jobs

Implement trigger-based instant enrichment jobs to enhance your lead data continuously. These jobs will be initiated based on predefined triggers. Specify the criteria for triggering these jobs to align with your routing needs, facilitating a seamless integration between Cognism and LeanData.

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Step 4 | Configure trigger nodes and rules

Leverage Cognism trigger nodes to activate LeanData Lead and Contact Routing for both new and existing leads/contacts. Two entry nodes, namely the Cognism New Enrich Node and Cognism Updated Enrich Node, facilitate routing based on updates to Cognism fields on Lead and Contact Records. 

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In the Trigger Rule, define conditions that will initiate routing, specifying the Cognism Lead/Contact field, operator, and value. This ensures a dynamic and responsive lead management system, maximizing the synergy between Cognism and LeanData. 

Step by step guide on setting up the trigger rules available HERE.

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