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Substantial gains for Cognism and Ringover customers as the two tech players team up

March 23, 2021

Cognism, the world’s best all-in-one globally compliant prospecting solution, and Ringover Group, a SaaS publisher and European telecom operator, have announced an exciting new partnership that will offer their customers even more value.

The partnership will see substantial efficiency and productivity gains as Cognism customers can enable their data to do more through an advanced phone system. Ringover users, primarily their sales-orientated customers, will be able to speed up their prospecting through an AI-assisted platform that effortlessly finds company, people and event data to deliver new revenue.

Ringover is a 100% cloud communication solution that combines unlimited calling, sales and call centre tools, group messaging and video conferencing into one easy-to-use app. The result is a simple web and mobile application packed with advance telephony features that enable employees - especially sales and customer service professionals - to communicate and collaborate more efficiently from any device and location.

Cognism has been on a mission to drive the next evolution of sales and marketing technology. They believe that there is a better way for revenue teams to approach prospecting, which will drive predictable outcomes and take prospecting from an art to a science.

Both organisations have raised considerable investment in the past twelve months as they aim to strengthen their positions globally. Cognism is dedicated to building an exceptional network of localised regulatory knowledge, as Ringover are aiming to simplify business telephony and boost productivity for SMEs across the globe.

As of today, Cognism customers can take advantage of an exclusive free 15-day unlimited trial from Ringover, while Ringover’s customers can use Cognism free for two months with unlocked team access.

Jonathon Ilett, Head Of Global Sales (Interim) at Cognism, said:

“The Cognism and Ringover partnership will help to form the perfect tech stack for salespeople in B2B companies who want to accelerate building up their pipelines. From having instant access to GDPR compliant data and insights on individuals, to actioning this data through a dialer or Power-dialer from Ringover, all while integrating seamlessly with your central CRM.”

Mélodie Batréau, CMO at Ringover, said:

“We’re incredibly proud to be joining hands with Cognism on this very exciting endeavour! Every day we see how much of a tangible difference it makes when salespeople have communication tools and trustworthy data they can rely on. Sales teams love our business phone app for its simplicity and extreme user-friendliness and Cognism has created one of the best sales-centric data platforms on the market. So what our joint teams are doing is marrying two key ingredients a successful salesperson cannot live without – reliable telephony and data. We look forward to seeing the results of our joint efforts.”

Ringover’s cloud-based phone system offers Cognism customers several benefits including:

  • Unlimited calls to 110 destinations.
  • Virtual landline and mobile numbers from 65 countries, ideal for local prospecting.
  • Web-based interface to add new numbers and users and to personalise the system in simple steps.
  • Real-time statistics for tracking agent activity and objectives.
  • Live call supervision features including double-listening, whisper and barging.
  • Native integrations with top CRMs used by sales teams.
  • In-built power dialer to automate outbound call campaigns.

The Ringover x Cognism offer is available immediately to both companies’ customers.

Click here to get a free 15 day trial of Ringover with Cognism's best-in-class B2B data.

About Cognism

Established in 2015 and headquartered in London, UK, Cognism is a world-leading all-in-one globally compliant prospecting solution. Powered by patented AI technology, it provides organisations with compliant B2B data and a suite of sales acceleration tools to help action it. Cognism enables its global customers to find and deliver new revenue, faster.

Cognism’s international team of over 200 is passionate about providing real-time accurate data that businesses can trust in order to grow. March 2021 saw Cognism raise $12.5 million via AXA Venture Partners, Investiere, VentureFounders and Swisscom Ventures, placing it at the forefront of the global B2B data industry.

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About Ringover

Ringover Group is a SaaS software publisher and European telephone operator since 2005. A true expert in telecoms for companies, since early 2018 it has been offering Ringover, a voice-video-chat-SMS-call centre communication solution, 100% cloud and adopted by 10,000 businesses. Integrated with top business apps and offering real-time statistics, Ringover allows business communications to be managed in just a few clicks. The key: end-to-end technological mastery, a user-friendly interface and support at every step. Through Ringover, your business communications are possible anywhere in the world on PC or smartphone. A simple internet connection is all you need!

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