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Finding Efficiency in Every Workflow: Q1 '24 at Cognism

2024 is off to a flying start! At Cognism we’re making leaps and bounds in multiple areas of our data and platform offering, and I’m back to give you the latest.

If you’re a regular reader, we’ll cover the usual, and throw in a few sneak peeks of what we’re focused on delivering throughout 2024. ✨ 

Scroll for the Product and Data milestones we reached in the first quarter of 2024👇🏻

Data coverage

Making data headway with new routines...

If you missed it, we deployed a new data ingestion engine in the latter part of 2023. With this, our data quality is ramping up every day as we supply fewer duplicate contacts, dead-end dials, and invalid emails.

Our data is taking a different shape here at Cognism, and we’re committed to delivering you invaluable contact data with an edge. We’ve seen uplifts in multiple territories in Q1, but I know you’re busy, so I’ll give you the skinny.

  • +9% Uplift in Mobiles in the US
  • +8% Uplift in Mobiles in France
  • +9% Uplift in Mobiles in the NORDICS

“It’s not just about getting contact numbers. I’ve used some of your competitors, like Apollo and Lusha, and the numbers are ok, but Cognism beats them every time.”’ 

Dan Richards, Lead SDR at Hire Genius.

Read full case study →

Data quality

Diamond Data® numbers edge closer to 11 million!

With a 3x connect rate, the numbers do the talking, literally. Diamond Data® continues to deliver premium connections with the decision-makers our customers don’t want, but need to speak with to get the deal done.

Our phone-verified mobiles mean you get through to the right contact, or their voicemail on an average of 9 out of 10 times. Saving you time, and effort with every dial.

Don’t just take my word for it though! Hear it from a Diamond user 👇🏻

“Diamond verification is fantastic; giving us 3x the likelihood of accuracy on an email or phone number is great for quick prospecting.” 

“I can filter by this and see that these contacts have details with a high degree of accuracy, which is just visually very efficient in terms of when we’re doing the prospecting.”

Business Development Manager at a PharmaData Company

Read full case study →

G2 Spring Awards, achieving enterprise excellence

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve been awarded Enterprise Leader titles in the UK, Europe & EMEA categories. As a testament to our continued evolution, we are making headway with our Enterprise customers, meeting their demands through our widespread and accurate coverage, friendly customer service, and extensive support.

Take a look at a few of our shiny new badges for 2024 below 👇🏻



Now, queue the star of the show - the platform updates. Jump into the product features we’ve delivered in the last three months that maximise the efficiency of our customers’ everyday actions, and turn them into meaningful workflows.

Jump in below 👇🏻

Web App

Intent Topics Testing 

  • The testing period for Intent topics has been extended from 72 hours to a period of 2 weeks in the system logic.

Customisable CSV Formats

  • Introducing the ability to customise which output fields are included in the CSV output when downloading contacts, companies, and from Enhance. Promoting personalised data management and reducing data clutter.

Intent Export 

  • This enables the export of intent topics and surge scores when Diamond account users run a search that includes intent. This functionality will be available both for CSV and CRM exports, enhancing the user’s ability to perform targeted analysis and actions.

Browser Extension

Introducing Company Highlights

  • Surfacing Personas within the Browser Extension allows users to create and apply personas as filters on employee and coworker lists, providing shortcuts and insights for improved targeting and faster workflows.

Inline Editing of Profiles

  • The ability to correct, add, and improve data directly within the extension will enhance user productivity and data accuracy, leading to a more positive experience using Cognism.

    By moving editing from the export flow to the profile, the overall export speed will be improved for the majority of customers as we have found that our users neither edit, nor change the account and because it's going to be easier.

Settings & Integrations

Compliance Management

  • Administrators are now able to specify the visibility of DNC (Do Not Call) numbers on accounts based on internal compliance rules, such as exclusion of certain countries like Germany. Admins will have the ability to customise the display of DNC numbers within their account settings, choosing to show or hide numbers from specific countries.
  • Alongside this, admins are now able to hide full profiles based on location. This feature gives admins the ability to control the contacts reps have access to based on the contact’s location. If a country is excluded, users should not be able to see the contact profile in search, via our API, or on the Browser Extension. 

Instant + Scheduled Enrich = More than just matched records

The Cognism Enrich experience has been completed with the arrival of our scheduled Enrich functionality. Our Enrich experience is complete and is available to be showcased to its full extent. 

Faster follow-up + actionable CRM = 1.7x more opportunities 👇🏻

Enrich Stats

Relying on outdated CRM data isn’t just inconvenient, it’s costly.

Inaccurate information leads to wasted marketing dollars, misdirected outreach, and ultimately, lost sales 😅

Did you know?

  • 88% of companies believe that data quality affects decision-making
  • 8hrs of time is wasted per manual enrichment of 1000 stale data records
  • 20% of B2B revenue loss is attributed to the use of poor data
  • ¾ of the average CRM can be improved by systematic data cleansing

Wanna see Enrich in action? Use our click-through demo to see more below👇🏻

Discover the Cognism experience for yourself

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this update 👆🏻

Seen something that’s caught your eye? Want to discover the opportunity for data enrichment in your organisation? Cut your speed to lead and maximise the credibility of your CRM…you know what to do 👇🏻


And by the next product update blog, you can watch your new business revenue percentages grow just like this…

“Since implementing Cognism, our new business revenue has increased from £270,000 last year to £748,000 this year, so it’s almost tripled in value. That’s a 177% increase.”

David Sumnall, Business Development Executive at TNS Catering

Save time and allow time for your reps to focus on wider business objectives, just like this…

“Manually creating a contact in Hubspot would take us a couple of minutes, then you have to check the information using another app, adding 30 seconds. So that’s 2.5 minutes per contact, and we’re pulling around 250 contacts weekly.

That’s around 10 hours of just pulling in contacts for the Business Development Executive! With Cognism, these are done with a click. I don’t think any company would argue that that isn’t a good investment.”

Jonathan Broadley, Marketing Director at Planixs

Drive event ROI, similar to this…

“Based on this premise, I calculated that the event we hosted prior to adopting Cognism was valued at £45,000 for us. However, following the adoption of Cognism, the subsequent event generated £131,000, marking a significant increase to approximately 3x the previous value achieved.”

Digital Marketing Team Lead at An Export Promotion Agency

And keep your overall pipeline as healthy as this…

“I’ve generated in excess of £2M in pipeline over the past year, which I can directly attribute to Cognism data.”

Dan Richards, Lead SDR at Hire Genius

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