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Cognism Interactive

Your seamlessly managed outbound prospecting service.

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Key features:

  • Identification and build of your Total Addressable Market
  • End-to-end execution and management of your outbound campaigns
  • Email copy crafted specifically for your campaigns by a dedicated copywriter
  • Fully managed interaction with prospects until the meeting is booked in your diary
  • In-depth monthly success reports on campaign performance

Our process

Engage with us to approve campaign plans

Feedback on and approve content copy

Attend meetings generated by campaigns

Get closing

We work best with:

The Results

Average Interactive campaign statistics

Unique Prospects
Read rate
Reply rate
Meetings booked*
(* average based on this size of campaign)

How does Interactive stack up against the industry standard?

Interactive campaigns often reach double figures for engagement. This is a result of carefully written, professional email copies and strategically built omnichannel outbound cadences. Here are some comparisons between industry standard and Cognism Interactive average results across the board.

What results can Interactive deliver for specific personas?

Engagement rates depend not only on the industry but also on the target persona that you wish to approach. We work together to create the cadence that will work best to engage your target audience. Here is a view of some of the results you could expect to see across persona’s.

Hear from our happy customers

“When we were thinking about buying a B2B data platform, I A/B tested Cognism against a market leader...Cognism isn’t just a great data provider, it’s the absolute best on the market.”

Tom Andrews,  Revenue Operations Manager at PassFort

“We’re always looking to trial new partners and we tested Cognism against some competitors; in terms of data quality and quantity, Cognism surpassed them every time.”

Email Marketing Manager,  Dennis Publishing

“The ROI that Cognism produced for myself and my clients was 10x what I was expecting. It’s become an absolutely vital tool for us.”

Elliot Nedas,  Founder of I-Inspire

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