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The "Sent from my device" signature is dead, and here's why

"Sent from my device" needs to go, because it's not doing you any favours.  Don't believe us? Check out this guide and you'll find out everything you need to know. 



You and the “Sent from my device” signature have had a good run. 

But it’s time for you to go your separate ways. 

Because it’s doing way more harm than good for your professional image. 

Curious to find out why? Then check out this article. 

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Why is the "Sent from my device" signature bad? 🙅

We’ve all been guilty of using this signature. 

So the million dollar question is:

Why is it so bad to use it at the end of emails? 

Well, here are 2 key reasons why the signature has got to go. 

1 - It's unprofessional 👇

An email signature says a lot about your attitude in the workplace. 

And in our opinion, a “Sent from my device” signature tells recipients you’ve put zero effort into your professional image. 

Because it’s so basic. 

Now, do you think that someone with a signature as dull as “Sent from my device” is going to be taken seriously? 

No -  is the simple answer. Because you won’t appear capable. 

Recipients want to be interacting with people who take initiative. The ones who go above and beyond to take the guesswork out for recipients, when it comes to contact information. 

That’s the lasting impression you want and need to leave on recipients. 

2 - It's impersonal 🙈

“Sent from my device” is just bland. 

It’s not tailored to you, which is a BIG mistake. 

If anything, “Sent from my device” is a signature used to round off emails that look like they’ve been written by a robot... 🤖

You can spot them easily, because they’ll never make sense. 

It’s so simple to avoid this silly mistake. 

Just put some effort into your signature. Add little details that’ll help recipients visualise the person they’re emailing on the other side. 

It’s not that hard! 

How can I make a signature that's better than "Sent from my device"? 🤔

It’s clear that getting rid of “Sent from my device” is an urgent task. 

But the natural next question is:

What kind of signature can I replace it with instead? 

Well, every professional email signature will have 3 key things. 

And here they are:

1 - Include basic information 📞

This is the clearest sign of a good email signature. 

Because you’ve added value for recipients, because they know exactly how to contact you. 

Remember to include:

Basic information to include in your email signature

2 - Include a professional photograph 📸

With the “Sent from my device” signature, recipients can’t imagine they’re interacting with an actual human being. 

That’s why having a photo of yourself on your email signature will make a huge difference. Because recipients will be able to put a face to the name behind the email comms. 

Just remember to include a photo that:

  1. Has good lighting
  2. Is taken on a high-quality camera
  3. Makes you look approachable (smile!)


3 - Have a simple design template ✏️

Less is always more. 

So remember to:

  • Stick to one colour
  • Stick to one legible font


What can I use to make the email signature? 🚀

It’s official. 

The “Sent from my device” signature has left the chat. 👋

Because you know:

  • Why it needs to go
  • What kind of signature to replace it with. 

But how can you make sure the components of your professional email signature fit together? 

Our advice is to use a generator tool. Don’t make it manually, as it might end up looking spammy and unprofessional. 

There are tonnes of them out there, but here’s how Cognism’s free tool works 👇

You can build your signature step-by-step, starting with a template. 

Professional email signature template

Some templates even have space for a photo of yourself. 

Basic information to include in your email signature


You can then fill in basic contact information. 

remove sent from my device signature


And you can also enter links to social media profiles under the same tab. 

remove sent from my device signature

Finally, you can use the “Design” tab to make sure your signature looks professional. With a choice of 1 colour and 1 font.

remove sent from my device signature

You can do so much with Cognism’s generator tool. And it’s free so there’s no excuse to keep using “Sent from my device” to sign off your emails!

Waving goodbye to "Sent from my device": the key takeaways 🗝️

Here’s a refresher of the most important points:

“Sent from my device” is a terrible signature, because it’s unprofessional and impersonal. 

Instead you can replace “Sent from my device” with a signature that includes basic contact information, a high-quality photo of yourself, and a simple design template. 

And finally, we strongly recommend you use a generator tool to create a killer email signature! 

And there you go! 

Check out our free generator tool and part ways from “Sent from my device” once and for all 💥