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Why Cognism is an awesome B2B marketing tool

June 7, 2021

Is this you writing your dream checklist for your ultimate B2B marketing tool?

really what software is going to give you:

✅ Record low bounce rates

✅ Above-average response rates

✅ Conversations with highly receptive buyers

✅ Immediate, impressive results

You can stop your search, we’re about to explain why Cognism is your next favourite market intelligence tool.

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What is Cognism | Is Cognism right for you? | What can Cognism do for you? | What are the winning features of Cognism? | See how awesome Cognism is for yourself

What is Cognism? 🤔

Violeta Da Rold, Marketing and Communications Manager at Cranfield School of Management summarises Cognism best when she says:

“Cognism is a very versatile tool. It can be used to hone in on exact target audiences but it also has the flexibility to experiment with audiences that may not have previously been considered. I would recommend Cognism to anyone looking to develop laser-sharp targeting and engage with their ideal leads.”

And yes, while it’s classified as a sales intelligence platform, Cognism is infamous for helping B2B leaders build data-driven campaigns with better reach, precision targeting and powerful messaging.

But, it’s not just about hyper-precise targeting. All the extra engagement from using Cognism aids in your brand awareness and growth.

What’s more, our quality B2B data is exactly what makes Cognism THE European data provider of choice! This is something Joe Birkedale, Founder and CEO of Project36, is well aware of:

“Using Cognism has boosted our brand as a B2B marketing agency you can trust. Our customers know that the data we use is best-in-class and totally compliant with the GDPR. At Project36, our mantra is to make data-driven business decisions - so it makes sense for us to be partnered with the best B2B data company in Europe.”

Cognism gives you access to over 400m business profiles, 25k technologies and 7k intent topics - with every data point being fully GDPR compliant. Plus, we’re registered with the ICO, the UK regulator.

But where from exactly?

Our data comes from a variety of public and private high-quality sources. All of which are cross-referenced daily with our patented Revenue AI to maintain accuracy.

So if you’re looking for a tool that can help you market to the right people at the perfect time then Cognism is your SaaS solution.

Is Cognism right for you? 🤝

Who better to help power up your marketing strategy than the UK Founded Martech Vendor of the Year 2021 - Gold Award winner?

Who else understands the best way to market to your ideal audience?  

Who else knows how to best connect you with the right people at the right time?

Our tool was specifically designed to help…

  • Anyone who wants to build strategic marketing campaigns that reach further, but don’t have a lot of time to do it.
  • Anyone who is new to outbound lead generation and isn't sure where to start.
  • Anyone who feels they just keep missing the best time to target their ideal audience.

But all in all:

No matter who you are or what B2B company you work for, you can find value in our marketing data.

In fact, we’ve worked with numerous industries including IT, financial services, recruitment, marketing agencies, and other
SaaS sales companies.

One of our satisfied customers is Becky Smith, Huggg’s B2B Lead Generation Strategist who told us:

We’ve generally had good campaigns with Cognism, with good read rates and good results. We’ve never been in a situation where I’ve thought it’s not worth it.

And Josh Silvera, the Sales Enablement Manager at GWI:

“You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the platform and it seamlessly integrates into the tools you’re using already. Best of all, it delivers fast results. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!”

What can Cognism do for you? 📋

A streamlined outbound marketing process, the ability to A/B test personas and messaging AND see valuable campaign insights…

What can’t Cognism do?

Not only is Cognism easy to use and set up, it offers a range of products to help you market to customers who are
actually interested in what you’re selling.

To start, we recently launched intent data which has been a game-changer for B2B marketing campaigns.

It allows you to:

  • Track more employees from your target companies who’ve shown increased interest across 4,000 B2B websites that B2B buyers trust.
  • Keep track via a heat map that measures each level of intent so you can always prioritise your hottest prospects who show the strongest intent.
  • Search for clients who’ve shown interest in purchasing a product like yours as soon as they enter the funnel and before your competitors do.

What’s more, you can set up trigger events to ensure you always target the right people at the right time.

Then there’s the fact you can automate your campaigns to ensure your prospects receive the right message at every stage of their buying journey. This includes the ability to build out targeted, multi-channel campaigns across email and LinkedIn as well as create matched audiences on Facebook.

A shining example of this comes from Tim Peniston-Bird, Managing Director of Orangutan:

“Cognism streamlined our outbound process. We now have the ability to A/B test personas and messaging and with a deep analysis of each campaign, we’re able to see valuable insights for further engagement. When we started using Cognism, I didn’t realise the power of it - we’re seeing 300% increase in engagement over LinkedIn alone.”

Plus, we have an outbound email automation solution that helps you protect your Pardot/Hubspot domain reputation, reducing costs related to additional messaging.

What more could you want?


An award-winning customer success team to help ensure you get the very best results?

We’ve got that too!

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Becky Smith from Huggg, had to say:

“They’re a fantastic group to work with. Always very quick to communicate and resolve issues. They keep you informed about new functions, and what you could do to really improve while using the tool. Cognism is a shining example of how to do customer success.”

And Tom Huffman, Account Development Manager at MindBridge:

“They’re a very helpful and diligent group of people. They’ve assisted us with so much, from providing email templates to resolving queries. I don’t think I’ve ever waited longer than 1 hour for a response. They’re a key factor as to why Cognism has worked so well for MindBridge - they’ve been very nice to work with.”

What are the winning features of Cognism? 🏆

☝️ All this and our software easily integrates with your CRM, including the global market leader, Salesforce.

If you didn’t know already, we’re an official Salesforce data partner, and we have native integration with SFDC. You can download our solution as an app on the AppExchange.

This makes it incredibly easy for marketing teams to run highly efficient campaigns. Adding to this, each Cognism client is assisted by their own dedicated account manager to help formulate and execute their data driven marketing strategy from start to finish.

A feature that impressed
Dennis Publishing to no end:

“They’re an extremely knowledgeable and helpful group of people. They worked with us every step of the way to make sure we were getting the best value out of the technology.”

At Cognism, we’re firm believers that our clients’ wins are our wins, which is why we do everything in our power to ensure the success of your campaigns. You can even attend exclusive customer webinars, sign up for informative newsletters and download whitepapers and templates to help increase your success with our products.

What else adds to how awesome our tool is?

How about amazing features like...

  • The ability to track rich data through sales triggers including job join, job leave, company funding and company acquisition. So you can track company growth signals and reach out when they’re most likely to spend.
  • A useful persona builder, where you can assemble a profile of your ideal customer, then find others just like them.
  • Access to technographics, revenue and more filters.

Huggg’s Becky Smith loves this functionality:

“I use the ICP builder to drill down and create different campaign lists. I input specific search criteria like company type, industry, job title, size, revenue and so on, and the tool provides me with a list of contacts who match that criteria as well as the contact information of key decision makers. It’s great, I love that functionality.”

While Joe Birkedale from Project36 is just amazed at the results from using Cognism:

“It’s meant a lot of happy customers for us! We’ve seen contact engagement rates of 70%, 700-800 webinar registrations, over 500 webinar attendees, and 98% engagement rates during webinar broadcasts. Cognism’s data helped us to attract some great thought leaders to commit to our content, which means our webinars are impactful and well-attended.”

And thanks to Cognism, Andrew Anderson is thrilled by Liftshare’s opportunity to scale:

“Since deploying Cognism’s platform, the team now receives an additional 15 - 20 leads per month, and in particular, the email marketing campaigns have achieved a read rate of 17.2% and a reply rate of 5%. The team hopes to increase the volume of campaigns run, as they continue to work with Cognism and look to expand into different geographical locations.”

Pretty awesome right?


See how awesome Cognism is for yourself 🚀

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Then you can join the likes of Alana Paton, Marketing and Events Manager at Launch Acadamy, who said:

“Not long after starting with Cognism, we saw a spike in applications from our email campaigns. We had never seen those kinds of results before. Also, most of the valid leads we’re getting for our Maple Program are now coming from the Cognism platform.”

And Ruth Collier, Marketing Manager at Newable:

“Cognism is instrumental for us in terms of finding highly specific audiences and reaching out to them. The software is amazing and it improves all the time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others!”