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Webinar recap: Prospecting in the new normal

April 30, 2020

There’s no doubt - we’re living in strange times, with no end to the coronavirus lockdown in sight. What if this is “the new normal”? 

The lockdown has changed all of our lives as salespeople, but at Cognism, we’ve shown that prospecting can still be done. B2B sales doesn’t have to stop just because we’re all working from home! Here’s how we’re doing it. If you’re struggling, our tips will help you out.

Our latest webinar, “Prospecting in the new normal”, was hosted by David Bentham, our Inside Sales Director. With David was Saif Khan, our super-successful SDR turned BDM. 

Together, David and Saif looked at 3 essential topics for B2B prospecting during the lockdown. They also talked about how Cognism can help you navigate your sales strategy through these challenging times. Let’s look more deeply at the points they raised.

Key takeaways

1 - An outbound strategy that works from home

The challenge facing SDRs trying to prospect while we’re at home is that people are harder to get hold of. You need mobile numbers, or you will find it very hard to cold call to anyone. To overcome this obstacle, try looking on LinkedIn for your prospects’ numbers - many of them are now showing their mobile numbers in their profiles.

The upside is that if you can get hold of a prospect, they are more likely to be willing to have a conversation with you. Most of us are going stir crazy during the lockdown and would welcome the chance to have a chat with another human being, even a cold caller!

However - be warned! The pitches you were using before the coronavirus crisis aren’t going to cut it anymore. You have to show genuine empathy to the situation your prospect may be in. You don’t know what challenges they are facing, with their health, their loved ones or their job.

“The first question we ask now is, ‘How is everything?’ Also, ‘How’s business going?’ Everybody is happy to talk at this stage, which gives us a big advantage. When you talk like this over the phone, rather than on an email or LinkedIn, it’s much more powerful.”

— David Bentham, Inside Sales Director

2 - Filling the funnel

Clearly, some sectors of the economy are going to be doing better during this crisis than others. These are the verticals SDRs need to look at when deciding where to focus their efforts.

Think of who really needs what you sell, right now. Where can you add value?

At Cognism, we’ve found that marketing and advertising companies are extremely busy, so we’re talking to as many decision-makers in those industries as we can. Other software companies that help people who work from home are also booming.

Because Cognism makes B2B lead generation more effective, we’re also looking at companies who have had their existing lead gen methods snatched away from them.

The message is: get creative with who you target and how you position yourself. The opportunities are there.

“Events have all closed down. So, exhibitors who were using events as a channel for leads, maybe our software can be an ideal replacement?”

— David Bentham, Inside Sales Director

3 - Tech stack

David and Saif went on to talk about some of the tech that’s helping them succeed in this new environment. Here are three they recommended.

  • Vidyard - Video technology where you can record short pieces of video and embed them into emails. It’s a way to warm up a cold approach, helping prospects put a face to a name.
  • Reachdesk - Reachdesk used to be the people who would send cupcakes to your prospects’ desks. Now, they send Uber Eats vouchers. Why not use Reachdesk to buy your prospect dinner?
  • Kluster - This great piece of software analyses CRM data, putting it into easy-to-read, manageable formats. It drives better sales forecasting and decision-making.

4 - Cognism in action!

Finally, Saif did a quick product demo of Cognism Prospector, our all-in-one prospecting solution. With just a few clicks, he showed how you can get B2B data - including direct dial numbers - for your prospects.

He also displayed how Cognism integrates seamlessly with your CRM, as well as other tools in your tech stack, such as SalesLoft.

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Those were just some of the actionable B2B sales nuggets featured in this webinar. Our speakers have many more insights for you. Click on the image below to access the full recording and slides.

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