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Exceeding targets from home: a guide to remote sales management (2022)

In 2020, businesses were forced to adapt.

We had to redesign our workflows, we had to redraw our plans - and we went remote. You know the story.

Here’s the thing.

A lot of us found that remote working actually worked, and the numbers back this up.

Remote working is nothing new. It’s been coming for a while - and chances are, it’s here to stay. In preparation for this, it’s time to hone your remote management skills.


Our ultimate guide to remote sales management is a pretty good place to start. It breaks the remote management process into 3 critical stages:

  • Remote interviewing tips for reliable recruitment
  • Remote and repeatable SDR onboarding insights
  • Remote management guidelines

With insights from Cognism’s top remote sales managers, and tons of facts and statistics, Exceeding targets from home: the ultimate guide to remote sales management could be your guiding light in years to come.

“If activity drops I’ll check on people and see if everything’s ok. If they have a great day, I’ll celebrate with them. I’m very hands-on with my team. A sales leader needs to demonstrate that they care, when the team is over-performing and when it’s under-performing.”

- Rachel Goldstone, Sales Team Leader

Click 👇 to download Exceeding targets from home: the ultimate guide to remote sales management today!

Remote Sales Management Whitepaper

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