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How trash TV can help you reach B2B content marketing Nirvana

March 25, 2021

“Why am I such a slob?” you ask, as another layer of Dorito sand settles on your PJs. 

“Why, after nine straight episodes of this nonsense, can’t I peel myself off the sofa and do something productive?”

“Why haven’t I felt the wind in my hair, the ache in my legs and the ringing in my ears since last Tuesday, for the love of Pete?”

Well, there’s a very good reason for that. 

And that is the trash you binge watch on Netflix is much smarter than you give it credit for. 

You’re so hooked because these shows speak your language. And everyone else’s, for that matter. 

As B2B marketers, this should be pricking your ears.

Because even when you’re covering complex topics and addressing sophisticated audiences, clear and simple communication is key.

It’s what helps you build trust and guide your prospects through the customer journey.

In this blog, which was originally posted on VeryGoodCopy, copywriting and B2B content marketing supremo, Eddie Shleyner, explains exactly why box office shows and movies are your new secret weapon.

Netflix and copywriting

The late, great copywriter Eugene Schwartz encouraged his copywriting students to read the tabloids:

“Required reading for you is all the junk magazines,” he said. “Go out tomorrow and buy the National Enquirer and read every single word in it.” 

He also encouraged them to watch the new hit movies: 

“If a movie does $100 million — especially if a movie does $200 or $300 million — I would see it 2 or 3 times.” 

Why? Because… “THERE is your audience! THERE are your people! THERE are your headlines!” he said. 

What’s he talking about? What do junk mags and blockbusters have to do with copywriting?

Clarity and simplicity. 

Hit movies and pop magazines are designed to appeal to huge, diverse audiences with clear, mass-appeal language, the language of copywriting: 

  • Simple words 
  • Simple sentences 
  • Clear concepts and themes 

So the more you study these movies and mags, the more in tune you’ll be with the all-important Language Of The People. 

Start here: Turn on Netflix, scroll to the “Top 10” category, and add the #1 movie to your queue. Watch it. Even if you hate it. 

Just treat it like an exercise and note the writing, the word choice. 

Note how clear and simple it is. That’s the language of copywriting. 

Use it and people will respond.

About the author

Eddie Shleyner is a direct-response copywriter and content marketer, and the founder of VeryGoodCopy. 

Few years back, he started VeryGoodCopy.com to publish articles about copywriting, content marketing, and psychology. 

Today VeryGoodCopy has over 18,000 weekly email subscribers.

He also writes about marketing, copywriting, and creativity for HubSpot, Hootsuite, Forbes, and other publications.