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Scaling up: when to hire talent vs tech

June 26, 2019

When you’re growing a business, you have to work to ambitious B2B lead generation targets. This is especially true if you are investor-backed or looking to raise funding rounds, moving from startup to scaleup and beyond. 

We often talk about the need to create a repeatable sales strategy. In a model like this, you know your conversion rates at every stage of your B2B sales process.

So, to raise your revenue, all you need to do is add more people to your sales team and generate more B2B leads at the start of the funnel. 

So when is the right time to hire?

However, this isn’t always the best course of action. If you’re scaling, you may find that investing in B2B sales technology is a more efficient option than hiring. Buying in a powerful piece of technology will often be cheaper than a salesperson’s salary. It will also make your sales operation more efficient, setting you up to go and scale.

For example, Cognism improves your outbound lead generation by helping you build super-accurate and narrow buyer personas. Then, it helps you reach your leads through automated outbound campaigns and a blend of real-time company, people and event B2B data.

The right time to hire is when you are confident that your sales operation is running optimally and you have reached a consistent level of leads. It’s when you feel you can no longer manage this effectively on your own. 

A mix of tech and talent

A company will need talented people in its ranks if it’s to grow and succeed. If you’re scaling, you should always be looking for talented people who can make a difference. 

Everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction, with a single-minded determination to achieve ambitious targets. Anything founders can do to save time and maximise efficiency is desirable. 

Wherever you want to find efficiency in your sales process, there will be a piece of tech that can help you. From lead generation at the start, to software that allows your customers to sign contracts digitally when you close the deal, tech is there to enable you. Make sure you take advantage of it.

While tech is making the sales team perform better, a founder will have more time to find a talented team to help execute their vision.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Orangutan is a business consultancy specialising in creating incentive marketing strategies that motivate audiences and bring results. However, their sales strategy of buying lists of leads was not producing the outcomes they needed. As Tim Peniston-Bird, MD of Orangutan told us.

“We had lots of prospects, but no meetings booked. The ones we did get were not very good.”

This was a failure in targeting. They were calling the wrong people at the wrong time. Orangutan only had minimal resources for sales, so rather than hire in a team, they invested in Cognism Prospector

Orangutan created many different campaigns to hit several buyer personas. When they were stuck, the Cognism Customer Success Team were always there to help. Soon, Orangutan found their ideal target audience out of the 400 million profiles on Cognism. The results were spectacular:

  • 1,271 C-Level prospects discovered
  • 300% increase in engagement
  • 142% meeting target surpassed

Try it for yourself

At Cognism, we make great B2B sales tech. We have also used this combination of tech and talent to scale ourselves.

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