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Cognism at Revenue AI 2019 - LIVE BLOG

September 19, 2019

Revenue AI is Cognism’s first conference for technology-driven sales and marketing leaders. Follow us with live updates from London’s Science Museum!

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Questions to ask before getting started with AI.

The key question, according to Sunil, is “do we have the data?”

Data will be a company’s single biggest competitive advantage.

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4 things to think about when adopting AI in your business:

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“Disruptive market forces are driving seismic shifts within companies.”

“AI cannot give you the results and insights you want unless you have the right data.”


Sunil suggests AI should really be called “augmented intelligence” - as it’s a blend of computer processes and human ingenuity.


We’re proud to announce the final keynote speaker - Sunil Kumar, AI and Blockchain Global Leader at IBM!

His speech? “How companies are using blockchain and AI to improve the effectiveness of sales and marketing”.

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Revenue AI is part of Cognism’s patent family. Ben and Johannes are working on further additions right now!


The feedback loop means that Revenue AI is capable of learning. It gets better over time.


Johannes is speaking about how the AI behind Revenue AI works.

There are 7 steps, creating a feedback loop. See below.

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We welcome to the stage Ben Ritchie, Cognism CPO, and Johannes Erett, VP of AI Research at Cognism. This is Revenue AI!

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“Power your forecast with AI and predictive insights into current and future quarters.”


Alli Dolan, EMEA Channel Sales Operations Manager at Forescout, asks the question: “how can we make our businesses more predictable?”

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How to apply this framework to your business?

  1. Define the problem - what are you trying to solve?
  2. Analyse the data - collect only relevant and necessary data
  3. Model the solution - build multiple models and combine them
  4. Monitor and feedback - iterate quickly


Dan’s data framework for hypergrowth:

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The next session begins with Dan Thompson, CEO at Kluster!

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We’re about to restart Revenue AI! Have you filled out your funnel yet? #funnelitics

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One tip for closing quicker - empower your sales and CS teams to work together and share information.


“The strongest closing engine are your clients.” - Sarah Broderick


Sarah Broderick (CRO @ Clinked) - and balloon! - now live on stage!

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The benefits of improved buyer insight:

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Here’s a summary of Anthony’s speech:

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Anthony McPartlin, Research Director at Forrester, is now on stage.

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Dimitar’s advice for fixing the endowment effect:

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Dimitar quotes some studies. Lost opportunities take longer to be closed in your CRM. The bigger the deal size, the longer salespeople hold onto them.


“Once we own something we automatically overvalue it, regardless of its actual value.” Otherwise known as “the Endowment Effect.”


Now - Dimitar Stanimiroff, CEO and Co-Founder at Heresey, on “why salespeople are addicted to hopium!”

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James’s final slide - “Harness the power of Revenue AI”:

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Everyone has data - what matters is the type of data you collect, and what you use it for.


AI can map the entire organisational structure of a company - a very valuable resource for the modern sales team.


For business people, AI means looking at your data and gaining knowledge that you wouldn’t have been able to acquire previously.


Most of the time, companies are working with incomplete, inconsistent and unreliable data - but even low quality data has great potential, thanks to AI technology.


Artificial intelligence can help us accelerate sales and give us new insights that would’ve previously required a great deal of manual work.


James is talking about the need for salespeople to understand their customers better than they understand themselves. You need to be aware of every pain point that affects your customers.


Cognism’s Chief Science Officer, James Hodson, the former Head of AI at Bloomberg, takes to the stage!

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Coming soon - The Science Behind Revenue AI!

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How to differentiate yourself from the competition?

  • Be multi-thread - everyone in your business should be a resource for closing business
  • Be multi-touch - promote content on multiple channels to reach the right people
  • Be multi-engage - be visible on your main channels (e.g.: LinkedIn), follow your prospects, share valuable content and engage by commenting on their posts


One tip - qualify out your pipeline.

According to G2: only 45% of B2B buyers engage with sales only after they have made a purchasing decision.

According to CEB: an average of 5.4 people must sign off on each B2B purchasing decision.


According to HubSpot, only 22% of our pipelines will close. Ouch!

How can we win and close more pipeline?


Next up - the founder of Sales Confidence and LinkedIn legend - James Ski!

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“Only that that can be measured can be managed.” - Wayne Parslow


For the first time ever, technology exists that can measure and improve data quality.


Data decays at an incredible rate. Even if your data quality is good now, it won’t be tomorrow.


Wayne says that businesses need to know their customers in order to better engage with them.

In order to know our customers, we need to have quality data.


Wayne Parslow, Executive Vice President EMEA at Validity, is talking now.

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One method to make your outreach stand out from the crowd - the “C-Sweet”!

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Alex says too many businesses are using methods that simply aren’t working. We need to change!


Alex Olley, Co-Founder at Reachdesk. His speech: “Thinking outside the box”.

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Natasha presents 10 data-driven ways to improve your pipeline:

  1. Review your route - define your process and make improvements
  2. Space out your touchpoints - execute a high number of touchpoints in the first 10 business days
  3. Take a multi-channel approach - email, cold calling, social
  4. Double up on Day 1 - 80% of the top 100 cadences started with a call followed by an email
  5. Act on inbound leads quickly - use automation to accelerate this process
  6. Use short subject lines on email - less than 4 words, or 1-word subject lines tend to work best
  7. Test and tweak your greetings - use 2-word salutations
  8. Bullet points are bad - emails that contain bullet points have a 19% lower reply rate
  9. Personalise 20% of your email
  10. Use video - it boosts reply rates by 25%


The next session: “Nurturing the pipeline” with Natasha Evans, Customer Success Manager, EMEA at Salesloft.

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Michael recommends using GDPR best practice when selling into North America:

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Michael’s guide to sales engagement - a fairly recent concept in B2B/SaaS:

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The benefits of ABM:

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Tip 3: adopt ABM in your organisation!

Here’s Michael’s guide to ABM:

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“ABM focuses on the top accounts so is more like spearfishing than drift net fishing.”

Define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to visualise the characteristics of the top firms you want to target.


Tip 2:

Look for a vendor that provides a common dataset for sales and marketing.


Tip 1 for sales and marketing alignment:

“Your buying committee for sales and marketing intelligence should include reps, ops and management from both departments, as well as your IT team and data protection officer.” - Michael Levy


Michael’s sales intelligence definition:

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It’s time for our next keynote speaker - he’s flown all the way from Boston to be here today - it’s Michael Levy, Principal at GZ Consulting!

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Back very soon with more from Revenue AI!

Up next: “Top emerging trends in sales and marketing technology”.

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Look at the habits your salespeople have got. Get the buy-in from leadership and find some internal champions for adopting new technology.


Salespeople need to have the skill and the will to nurture the pipeline with technology. As a leader, you have to change their mindset.


“The greatest sales teams have the greatest people and the greatest technology working hand in hand.” - Peter Starr


The next speaker: Peter Starr, MD & Founder at Chilli Pepper Development!

He’s shifting the tone from artificial intelligence to human intelligence. How do you successfully bring technology into a sales team?

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Jon’s tips for scaling companies:

RevenueAI Image 33


Indicators you are ready to scale:

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“B2B brands need to find customers actively seeking relevant products and use these insights to personalise engagement at the right time". - Jon Clarke


Jon Clarke, CEO at Cyance, is up next!

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“If you’re serious about ROI, you need to be serious about measurement.” - Nick Mason


Nick mentions the “invisible opportunity” that content can provide, now interaction can be measured. Cisco increased their readership by 7x by measuring their content activity and refining it.


Nick is talking about how to use tech to prove content ROI.

He provides 3 examples of companies who have replaced outdated PDF content with measurable formats where engagement levels can be analysed.


Nick Mason, Founder & CEO at Turtl, is now on stage!

His speech: “How to use technology to supercharge your pipeline”

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Jayne identifies the 3 pillars for AI success in business:

  1. Data - data quality is essential
  2. Change - define the right use case quickly and bring your people along with you
  3. Trust - build feedback into your AI process


Jayne Howson, Area Vice President at Salesforce, is now on stage!

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What do we mean by AI? Here’s Nalina’s slide.

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Nalina Athyantha, Director, Product & Solutions Marketing at Salesforce, is now on stage! She’s speaking about how we’re now living through the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The world is changing. How can you make AI a reality in your business?

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James introduces our #Funnelitics whiteboard!

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James Isilay, Cognism CEO, introduces Revenue AI.

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Nazma Qurban, Cognism CRO is on the stage! Welcome to Revenue AI!

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Revenue AI 2019 is about to start! Keep hitting refresh for the updates!

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