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Why Cognism Prospector is an awesome outbound sales tool

You’ve been searching far and wide for the best outbound sales tool.

A tool you’re sure will change your business and bring in all the revenue.

A tool that’s set to make prospecting easier with quality leads that actually convert.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Surely such a thing doesn’t exist?

Oh but it does!


Cognism Prospector is one of the best SaaS solutions on the market, especially when it comes to powering your lead generation with smart, GDPR compliant data you can trust.

No need to search for any more boring comparisons, we’re about to explain why Prospector is so awesome for outbound sales.

Starting with 👇

What is Cognism Prospector? 🤔

Cognism Prospector is an easy to use SaaS platform that helps you prospect predictably, with access to over 400 million business profiles.

The best part:

Our data is safe - we’re registered with UK data regulators ICO, and all of our data is GDPR compliant.

We get our data from a variety of public and private high-quality sources - 125 of them, in fact! All of which are cross-referenced daily with our patented Revenue AI to maintain accuracy. This ensures you're getting fresh verified data of the highest standard.


If you’re looking for a solution to help improve your outbound sales with quality B2B data, then Prospector is the awesome tool you’ve been looking for.

Is Cognism Prospector right for you? ✔️

Recently named Number #9 on LinkedIn's Top Startups 2020, we're experts when it comes to helping small businesses and mid-market companies grow.

Our Prospector tool was specifically designed to help...

  • Anyone who wants to build their pipeline fast but doesn't have a lot of time to do it.
  • Anyone who is new to outbound and isn't sure where to start.

From financial services and recruitment to other SaaS sales companies and marketing agencies - our tool works for a wide range of businesses, across numerous different industries.

MindBridge, a financial risk assessment solution provider, is just one of our customer success stories. Why did they choose Prospector?

“Our priority was to open up a strong outbound sales channel at MindBridge. For that, we needed validated business emails and phone numbers. We also wanted to build prospect lists based around our target sectors. To speed up the process, we started looking at adding to our existing technology stack.”

Thomas Huffman, Account Development Manager at MindBridge, was incredibly impressed with Prospector’s ease of use and data quality:

“Cognism has delivered a lot for us. First of all, it’s saved us a great deal of time. Pre-Cognism, it took us 5-10 minutes to find a single prospect; now we can find hundreds of leads in seconds. On average, we’ve been able to identify 10,000 new contacts per month from Cognism’s data.”

What can Prospector do for you? 📋

The question here really should be:

"What doesn't Prospector do?"

Easy to use and set up, Cognism Prospector finds and delivers new revenue for you by identifying your ideal customers and helping you engage with them at the ideal time.

Ryan Drummond, Founder and CEO at The Athlete Book, summarises it best:

“Cognism provided not just the data, but also the means of actioning it. You could generate leads, then push them into an email campaign. I was also very keen on their hiring triggers, which tell you when a company might be looking to expand. Cognism had everything I was looking for, all in one platform.”

So if you’re looking for an outbound sales tool that gives you quick results and assists you in booking meetings with quality leads, then it’s well worth checking us out.

Prospector works with the salespeople you already have, making their job more efficient and saving them hours of time. Search our database for your ideal leads, discover their contact details - including verified email addresses and direct dials - then push them into automated sales cadences.

Even better: when you sign up with Cognism, you don’t just get access to great tech, but great people as well! Our award-winning CS team are experts in the science of B2B sales, and will share with you all their knowledge on campaign management and execution.

From first steps like identifying your total addressable market to optimising your outbound emails to ensure the highest deliverability rates in the industry, Cognism CS is on hand to guarantee sales success.


What are the key features of Prospector? 🔎

There are several key features when it comes to Cognism Prospector. Starting with the ability to seamlessly integrate with your current CRM, including the global market leader Salesforce. If you didn’t know already, we’re an official Salesforce data partner, and our solution is available as an app on the AppExchange.

Tom Andrews, Revenue Operations Manager at PassFort, was delighted by Cognism’s Salesforce integration.

“I can’t believe how simple it was, really! I downloaded the Cognism app from the Salesforce AppExchange. Then, I used Cognism’s API key to integrate it with our Salesforce instance. It was very much do-it-yourself and took no time at all! I was very impressed.”

Adding to the ease of use, we recently launched a new Chrome Extension that enables you to find data on LinkedIn itself - all you need to do is click on any LinkedIn profile and you’ll get instant intel on them, including their business email, phone number and website.


And to ensure you never miss a revenue opportunity each Cognism client is allocated a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to ensure you get the best results from the platform. They can help you identify your TAM, send monthly success reports and organise weekly catch-ups where they'll share their tips and best practice.

Or you can upgrade to our Interactive service, where you’ll get even more support. Working with you, our Interactive Managers formulate and execute your sales strategy from start to finish.

Tom Andrews of PassFort had this to say about Cognism’s CS team:

I have to say that they are an awesome team to work with. The level of service they provide is easily comparable to that of Salesforce, and obviously Salesforce is a giant! They’re a huge value add for Cognism. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

With Prospector, we feel we’ve hit the sweet spot between usability and having powerful features that drive results. But don’t take our word for it - here’s what Ryan from The Athlete Book told us:

“It’s a very easy tool to use. The interface is simple and clean. It provides lots of useful analytics, such as email deliverability, read rates and reply rates. It means you can study the data and tweak your messaging, if your campaigns aren’t producing results.”

To help you even more (because we’re good like that!), you'll gain access to an in-house copywriting team, who will work hard to develop accurate and compelling messaging for your outbound campaigns.

This includes personalised sequences that can be automated for increased engagement and conversions.

Plus, with Prospector, you never have to worry about emails bouncing. Our proprietary 16-step email verification technology ensures the highest deliverability rates in the industry - a whopping 97%, on average!

Now, isn’t that awesome?



See how awesome Prospector is for yourself 🚀

If you’ve read up to here and you’re still not convinced that Prospector is an awesome outbound sales tool, then why not sign up for an obligation-free demo?

Then you too can be like Joe Culotta from Inside Sales Staff, who not only had this to say:

“Cognism was responsible for a 67% reduction in our prospecting time. Our lead velocity increased by 327% during the course of our campaigns. We signed multiple new clients, including our largest closed-won deal to date; that one deal was worth 6 figures! We wouldn’t have found those customers and signed those deals without Cognism.”

But this too:

“Cognism is the best prospecting solution for recruitment agencies out there, period! It saved me time and grew my revenue, and is super to work with - what more could you want?”


Go on, give it a go today. 👇 Who knows, with us, you might even land your largest deal yet!

Request your demo now

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