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How intelligent data helps build revenue

May 21, 2019

This is the fourth and final article in a series from Cognism on how data can help sales and marketing teams identify new business opportunities and key areas for growth. Click to read the firstsecond and third articles.

B2B data is the fuel that powers every successful sales team. However, the speed that data loses its relevancy has always caused a problem. It puts blockages in the sales funnel and causes sales reps to waste time and effort. It also makes it harder for sales teams to identify new opportunities in the marketplace.

Finally, technology has solved this problem. Thanks to cutting-edge data tech, we can now monitor millions of profiles across billions of data points, updating records in real time.

The data you use for B2B lead generation need never be out of date again. On top of that, a new level of constant feedback helps sales teams understand their customers better than ever. We call it Revenue AI. Let’s find out more.

What is Revenue AI?

One of the fundamentals of machine learning is that the more information you give the machine, the better results it eventually produces.

You can apply this principle to sales data. It’s the reason why Revenue AI works so well. Revenue AI provides a constant feedback loop.

  • Every campaign you run using the data improves its effectiveness.
  • Every response from a campaign is fed back into the system, which analyses what works.
  • The information it provides can be used to make sure your next outreach performs even better.
  • It helps your sales team retain momentum and deliver value to your customers.

If an element of your marketing campaign hasn’t hit the target, this sort of information allows you to iterate quickly.

Using Revenue AI with buyer personas

For years, marketing teams have used buyer personas when formulating campaigns. You can never appeal to everybody with only one message, so you work out exactly what kind of buyer you want to target and tailor a message that will resonate with them.

The best buyer personas go into great detail. They narrow down who their target buyer is to the smallest degree. Often, marketing teams give names to their buyer persona and attach a photo to really bring them to life.

Revenue AI takes creating buyer personas to the next level because it gives you a deeper understanding of your target customer. You can use it to find correlations between customers, using a much more reliable data source.

Because you have up-to-date information on your B2B prospects, as well as information on what kind of triggers they respond to, you can craft something that works. You can target them with relevant and personal outreach. You can address their pain points, presenting your product as the solution.

Revenue AI also helps you to locate new prospects in territories you hadn’t previously reached before. In a post-Brexit world, this could be essential.

A new standard for data

To sum up everything we’ve talked about in this series of articles, the emergence of new data technology means sales teams can be more confident about their data than ever before. Data that provides in-depth knowledge, updated in real time, ready to be dissected any way you choose, brings so many benefits.

  • No more wasted time calling to prospects that have left the company
  • The ability to reach prospects at a time when they are ready to buy
  • The power to identify new revenue opportunities in your marketplace
  • Deeper knowledge of your customer, leading to more personalised outreach

Data of this quality leads to a more scientific approach to sales. It signals an end to the ‘rainmaker’ culture, the reliance on the star salesperson who can leave at any time. It gives insight into your addressable marketplace, meaning you can easily see if target metrics are irrelevant or unachievable. With data like this, sales ‘just works’.

To find out how Cognism can bring Revenue AI to your sales team, be sure to register for a demo.

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