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Prospecting data puts FunnelFox on their clients' priority list

January 29, 2021

Looking for a way to add prospecting data to your existing product?

Read on to learn how FunnelFox’s product and business evolved since adding prospecting data to their offering.

The company

FunnelFox is an account-based sales platform supporting SDRs, AEs and CS managers to reach out to the right people at the right time and say the right things. 

They do this by providing their customers with a wealth of information, including recent news from target companies, an overview of the interactions at an account level, relevant job openings at target accounts etc. 

Their system is entry-free and all the data is shown in the side panel, wherever the user is working. 

Recently, FunnelFox added prospecting data to their solution in partnership with Cognism. We spoke with FunnelFox’s founder and CEO Vincent Jong to learn more about what prompted the decision to become a Cognism strategic partner and what their journey looked like. 

Our first question: What was the main reason FunnelFox partnered with Cognism and added prospecting data to their existing solution?

The challenge

“Initially our product had great retention numbers and good results with existing customers. However, since we were mostly focused on internal data, we realised there’s less urgency among sales managers and decision makers to start using FunnelFox.”


“We tested some other propositions and soon realised that there’s a clear need for prospecting data and new leads among our ideal customers. Filling the pipeline is the one thing that salespeople care about and if we could offer prospecting data, we knew it would put us a lot higher on the priority list.”

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The solution

FunnelFox already knew and used Cognism in the past, and an integrated strategic partnership was the natural next step for them. 

The thing with FunnelFox is, our system doesn’t allow for users to search for lists. All the data you see comes in the side panel based on what you are currently doing. The solution is completely entry-free and you don’t have to do anything for the data to show up.”

Other data providers would immediately charge users for the data, even if they didn’t need it. But Cognism’s reveal feature offered a solution. 

“Cognism has a reveal feature that we didn’t find at other providers. It basically allows our users to decide if they want to reveal - and pay for - the data. Taking this into consideration, it was clear Cognism was the company we should partner with.”

The results

We asked Vincent how their product has changed since they added Cognism’s prospecting data as part of their solution. 

“We made Cognism a significant part of our solution. The Cognism team was really supportive and helped us test out a few APIs and see if what comes back is relevant. As a result, we were able to get up and running pretty quickly.”


Finally, we asked Vincent if he had any advice for other companies like FunnelFox who’d like to add prospecting data to their offering. 

“There’s no reason not to try it. It’s known this data is valuable, and if you think there’s a real use case for this kind of data within your company, a partnership like this is a no brainer.”

Become a Cognism Strategic Partner

If you would like to learn more about the Cognism Strategic Partnership programme and are interested in integrating the Cognism solution into your own platform to generate revenue growth for your client base, please reach out to our Strategic Partnerships Manager, Antonia Williams at antonia@cognism.com

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