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Constructing your tailor-made marketing mix

January 26, 2022

Your B2B marketing strategy is a melting pot of ideas.

Because you’re testing different tactics and then finding out what works for you. 

After all, 1 size doesn’t fit all. 

Now, you might be thinking: 

“Where do I start?” 

Well lucky for you, our CMO Alice de Courcy chatted with Mark Huber, the Director of Growth at

He weighed in on a range of different strategies and how successful they’ve been. Plus, he gave Alice a sneak peek as to what marketers can expect to see from MetaData in 2022. 

Check out his words of wisdom in this article 💥

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MetaData’s customer advisory board | Virtual events - the new normal? | Time to rebrand? | Account-based marketing (ABM): how important is it? | What would you do with $10,000 extra in your marketing budget? | Looking ahead to 2022…and beyond | Listen to the podcast


MetaData's customer advisory board 🙎

Let's face it.

Customers influence everything marketers do. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a new piece of content, an email nurture campaign, or a paid ad. Marketers need to keep their customers’ best interests at heart 💖

And Mark Huber knows this, following his creation of a customer advisory board (CAB) at MetaData. 

He recently shared the following on LinkedIn 👇

“Customer advisory boards are the cheat code for good B2B marketing.” 

For Mark, the CAB helped MetaData’s marketing team quickly understand who their customers are:

“We’ve got around 15 to 20 customers on our board at MetaData. And they’re all different sized companies and different seniority levels. So there are different slices of what our ICP looks like.” 

And why is this important? 

Mark says the team “get a good insight into different markets, and how they can serve those markets”. 

The board is a valuable research tool for MetaData: 

“We’re constantly using the CAB for quick feedback on new campaigns we want to launch.” 

And let’s be real - there’s nothing dreamier or more satisfying than adding value for your customers 😍 

But Alice wanted to dig deeper. 

She wondered how MetaData managed to:

  1. Get customers to join the board in the first place, and
  2. Keep the customers motivated and engaged. 

Mark said: 

“The customers get to influence and impact the roadmap and take a look at which features and big releases are important to them.” 

This is ideal. 

Because MetaData’s customers aren’t left behind in the dark when it comes to important marketing activities. 

But MetaData hasn't stopped there. 

Mark goes on to explain why it’s important to include customers in your content:

“If I need a quote for a blog post or a podcast, I go straight to the CAB members. They’re ambassadors for MetaData, and there’s great value in their testimonials.” 

The bottom line is this. 

The key to success with CAB is by showing the members (i.e. your customers) that they’re loved, because their feedback matters.

And finally, you might be wondering how communication in CAB works. 

Well, for Mark, there’s a regular monthly CAB meeting and a Slack channel. 

Virtual events - the new normal? 💻

There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about organising and putting on virtual B2B marketing events. 

Mark said:

“I register for quite a few different events, and then look at the recordings. And most of them tend to be a bit rubbish because they’re just a sales pitch.” 

He’s hilariously nicknamed these events as “pitch slaps” 👏

Now, if Covid has taught us anything, B2B marketers, customers, prospects - they all need to feel connected. Now, more than ever before. 

So here’s what Mark did for his event “Demand 21”:

“We wanted to create an event for the community - not MetaData. And that meant coming up with a list of topics. And then we could match the speakers to this list of topics.”

And there’s proof in the pudding that this worked. Mark managed to secure some big names for the event, like Chris Walker! 💪

Remember: your virtual events have got to add value. If they don’t - steer clear from organising them! 

Time to rebrand? ⏰ 

It’s not always easy to identify when it’s time to rebrand. 

But Mark did reveal one piece of killer advice in his conversation with Alice, that can help make this process easier. 

He said that whatever you do, do not start with the website first when it comes to rebranding. 

Speaking from his own experience at MetaData:

“The messaging on the website was so different from what they [the audience] saw or heard when they jumped onto demos with us.” 

And since the company’s end goal was to drive as many demos as they could from the website, warning bells were ringing for the team 🆘

So they went back to the drawing board and came up with the following advice for rebranding:

“Write the copy before you start the web design. I used our CAB, a handful of marketers who we had conversations with, and I used a tool called to test initial website copy against cold audiences.” 

And Mark has emphasised not to start with the web design, because the messaging won’t “land as well”.  

The tool was super helpful for Mark’s team, because you can get an understanding of how good the copy is “across the spectrum, from people who have no idea what MetaData is, all the way up to people who are familiar with” the company. 

So the main takeaway is to ensure that your website is in sync with the rest of your brand. If it’s not, it’s probably time for a rebrand! 

Account-based marketing (ABM): how important is it? 📊 

It’s a great debate. 

Some believe ABM is super important. Others, not so much. 

For the marketing team at MetaData, it’s about striking a balance:

“We’re big believers in the double funnel approach. So we’ve got demand gen programmes that are targeting our ICP, which are always running in the background.” 

“And then, every now and then we’ll run very specific campaigns to a targeted set of accounts.”

One thing for sure that Alice and Mark both agreed on: ABM is hard work. Time needs to be spent building these campaigns out. Otherwise they won’t be as effective. 

What would you do with $10,000 extra in your marketing budget? 💰

If only marketers’ budgets were infinite…

Still, it’s interesting to know the answer to the $10,000 question. Because it’s an insight into what the top marketers are thinking about next. 

And for Mark and MetaData, it’s all about video content ⏬

“I would say I would find a really good video person and try to do as much work with them as you can. The video work I see and really relate to the most is the video work that isn’t super polished. It’s a little rough, authentic, and it’s fun.” 

Looking ahead to 2022...and beyond 🚀

There’s no better time to switch things up than the start of the year. 

So Alice wanted to know what Mark and the rest of the team at MetaData are going to be working towards in 2022. 

Mark said that going forward, there’s going to be a big focus on podcasting, as part of MetaData’s wider content distribution strategy

“We’re going to be launching that [the podcast] in 2022…because there’s a real desire for this type of content.” 

But MetaData isn't just stopping there. They’re going to focus on repurposing the content for a range of different uses.

Mark said that it’s going to be about “taking a single episode and turning it into 12 to 15 different pieces of content.” For example, creating YouTube videos from one podcast episode 📹

Curious to find out more from Mark?


Listen to the podcast👂

We’ve only scratched the surface. 

There’s plenty more insights and advice from Mark in the podcast episode, which you can listen to below. 

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