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Introducing the Complete Content Marketing Playbook

July 28, 2020

B2B content marketing: art or science?

In truth - it’s a little bit of both! While you need a keen eye for a story and writing flair, everything you do must be backed by B2B data. Today’s content marketers aren’t just mere bloggers - they have to adopt many different guises and learn many different skills.

From content planning and strategy to SEO and social media; from building buyer personas to prospecting for influencers; from tracking metrics to reporting on their insights...it’s clear that B2B content marketing is an enormously broad church, one that is evolving year on year.

Which is why we’ve put together the ultimate playbook for B2B content marketers! We’ve broken down the content marketing process into 10 actionable chapters, covering everything from buyer personas to big rocks! It’s a complete guide to all things content and how to use it as the engine of data driven marketing.

Our playbook was written in collaboration with some of the brightest minds currently working in B2B content marketing, including Ardath Albee, Tom Bangay, Karla Rivershaw, Claire Brenner and Jennifer Watson.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • How to build buyer personas and set goals for content marketing.
  • Advice for approaching thought leaders and influencers to contribute to your content.
  • A blog writing workshop: top tips for planning and writing a killer content marketing blog.
  • Step-by-step guides to on-page SEO and social media management.
  • What the must-track content marketing metrics are and how to report on them.
  • Free infographics, charts and templates that you can use in your content marketing strategy today.

“Over the course of this playbook, we’re going to share our content marketing secrets with you. You’ll read all about the tactics that increased our content leads by 240% and took us to page 1 of Google! And best of all, you’ll hear from a world-class panel of B2B content marketers, unmatched anywhere else in the industry.”

- Alice de Courcy, Chief Marketing Officer, Cognism

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