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How to build a winning cadence for sales leaders

November 28, 2019

As a sales acceleration and B2B lead generation platform, one of Cognism’s biggest markets are sales leaders and directors. Outreaching to this senior-level audience is something we do every day, as part of our sales strategy.

There is a skill in communicating with this group, however. Their calendars are usually chock full of appointments and they don’t have much time, if any, to listen to an outside sales pitch. Is there a technique for engaging with this audience quickly and in a way that maximises success?

We asked our sales team to provide us with a winning cadence geared at sales leaders. The team gave us a winning cadence that they used to target directors and managers working in B2B sales. The cadence was designed to be fast and hard-hitting, spanning only 15 days - yet it produced some exceptional results:

  • 341 calls were made and 341 emails were sent
  • Of those 341 emails, only 5 bounced - a bounce rate of 1.47%
  • 116 emails were opened - an open rate of 34.52%
  • Of those opened emails, 38 of them had the prospect click on a link - a click-through rate of 32.76%
  • 10 emails received a positive response where the prospect booked a demo - a conversion rate of 2.98%

We are delighted to present this cadence to you now! Simply click on the link below and you’ll receive:

  • The full cadence timetable on a day-by-day basis
  • The steps you need to take, including phone calls, emails and LinkedIn connections
  • Email and LinkedIn message templates
  • Tips for crafting successful sales emails

Work with a cadence that enabled our sales team to book meetings with sales leader prospects in 15 days! Click here for the cadence:

Sales Leader Cadence

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