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How to build a winning cadence for CEOs

November 26, 2019

Every B2B salesperson worth their salt knows that engaging with CEOs can be a tricky business. Typically, they have little time at their disposal and they have needs and wants that are very different from their lower-level colleagues. This makes prospecting CEOs to be a difficult undertaking. Difficult, but not impossible!

We asked Charlie Beale, Business Development Manager at Cognism and co-writer of our SDR Playbook, for a winning cadence aimed at CEOs. Charlie shared with us an epic 75-day cadence, which he’s used before to engage with C-suite prospects.

The cadence is a long-term B2B sales play, designed to establish a meaningful dialogue and nurture the prospect over an extended length of time.

Charlie saw some impressive results by using this cadence:

  • Email response rates of up to 15%
  • LinkedIn engagement rates of up to 52%
  • Asset download rates of up to 24%

We’re excited to present this B2B lead generation cadence to you now! Click on the link below and you’ll receive:

  • A day-by-day breakdown of the cadence
  • The steps you need to take, including phone calls, emails and LinkedIn connections
  • Email and LinkedIn message templates
  • Advice for sharing relevant content with your CEO prospects
  • Top tips for writing sales emails and LinkedIn messages
  • Cold calling advice, including the best times to call CEOs
  • Guidance from Cognism’s Senior Business Development Managers Frank Mee and Hector Forwood on creating a best-practice proof of value document
  • Thoughts from James Isilay, Cognism’s CEO, on how he likes to be prospected

Don’t think that booking meetings with CEOs is beyond your sales strategy! Our cadence shows that it can be done. Get your hands on a copy here:

Cadence for CEOs

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