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Introducing the B2B Sales Process Handbook

February 9, 2021

Did you know…

Our article on the B2B sales process was one of our most-read blogs in 2020? 🥇

So we decided…

Let’s do one better!

Presenting The B2B Sales Process Handbook - the definitive resource for B2B/SaaS AEs and BDMs everywhere!

Inside you’ll find peerless sales advice, straight from Cognism’s own business development team. They’ll share with you their insights on:

  • Researching your prospects and how to make the first connection.
  • The top questions to ask in order to discover your prospects’ pain points.
  • Top tips for qualifying leads quickly and accurately.
  • How to conduct the perfect product demo for B2B and SaaS.
  • Handling objections, including real-life examples from the Cognism sales playbook.
  • What to do once you’ve closed a deal and how to manage the follow-up stage.
  • The importance of customer feedback and the sales insights it can give you.

Featuring quotes, statistics, templates and charts, this handbook will be a powerful addition to your team’s sales training resources.

And the best thing is...it can be yours today!

Simply click 👇 to download your copy.

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