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Introducing the B2B Cold Calling Handbook

For some, 2020 was the year when cold calling froze over. 🥶

It was the year when global economies went into lockdown, when offices around the world shut up shop, and decision-makers became harder to find than ever.

Or was it…? 🤔

For some, 2020 was the year when B2B sales got better.

It was the year of learning new ways of working. The year of optimising, refining and improving. The year when SDRs innovated and breathed new life into the ancient art of cold calling.

2 of Cognism’s SDRs were among this new generation of sales innovators. Jenny Gray and Oli Scampton joined us last year as remote-working sales reps. In that time, they’ve been consistent top performers, smashing targets month-on-month and winning SDR of the Quarter awards.

We interviewed Jenny and Oli, asking them how they approach cold calling in the WFH era. Then we added their insights to our latest whitepaper - The B2B Cold Calling Handbook.

It’s the ultimate guide for today’s B2B cold caller, containing all the know-how your team needs to succeed. It will help:

  • Sales team leaders - learn the data-driven, process-based approach to cold calling that took Cognism from $7M to $11M in revenue last year.
  • Old-hand SDRs - refresh your sales skills with the most up-to-date advice in B2B and SaaS.
  • Newbie SDRs - discover the best cold calling tips and tricks and make an instant impact in the role.


Featuring templates, cold call scripts and criteria for qualifying and closing, it’s the perfect addition to any B2B sales training library.

Want to download it now? Just click 👇

B2B cold calling

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