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Cold Calling

The Ultimate Cold Calling Script for CFOs
The Ultimate Cold Calling Script for CFOs
Cold calling CFOs can be daunting. But nobody expects you to be a finance expert. You just need a tailored script. Find out more in this article.
The ultimate FAQ to get your cold calling mojo back
The Ultimate FAQ to Get Your Cold Calling Mojo Back
Have you lost your cold calling mojo? Morgan Ingram is here to help. He recently sat down with volunteers to answer their burning questions.
The Ultimate Cold Calling Script for Revenue Operations
The Ultimate Cold Calling Script for Revenue Operations
Worried about what to say when cold calling targets in revenue operations? Never fear, the ultimate cold calling script for RevOps is here.


Four-Day Week Trials: Could it Work for Sales?
Four-Day Week Trials: Could it Work for Sales?
Revolutionary trials are taking place to test a four-day working week - but could it work for sales organisations? Click to here from our sales experts.
Reframing the meaning of hard work in sales_Card
Reframing the Meaning of Hard Work in Sales
Any sales role requires hard work and discipline. But, it also requires a productive approach. Find out more featuring insights from Nick Cegelski.
Prioritising Growth in Startups
Growth is arguably the most important goal for any startup. Without growth, the new business is likely to fail. Click to read how to prioritise growth.
Cold Calling Live Episode 4 pullthrough


Real world examples from live cold calls.

Live coaching and training from Morgan and Dave.

Demand Generation

How to Use Humour in B2B Marketing
How to Use Humour in B2B Marketing
At first, humour and B2B marketing may not appear connected. But, it's the opposite. Find out why using humour is important, with insights from our team.
Where are B2B marketing leaders investing their budget_Card
Where Are B2B Marketing Leaders Investing Their Budget?
Click to read where three B2B marketing leaders are choosing to invest their marketing budgets and the trends they're expecting to emerge.
Cognism DG FAQ list_Resource card
The Ultimate Demand Gen FAQ List
We get asked a lot of questions about our leading demand generation strategy. So, here they are. Our most frequently asked questions, answered in detail.

Lead Generation

The problem with eblasts
Eblasts are standardised emails sent to lists of recipients with no personalisation, and they're exactly as boring as they sound. We break it down here.
Ditch the ebook_Resource Card
Ditch the ebook: Content planning after lead gen liberation
Building enormous ebooks for lead generation is boring. In this article, we look at content planning possibilities beyond lead generation.
Are you finding B2B marketing boring?
Are you bored of being a B2B marketer? In this article, Cognism reveals the tactics that will rescue you from B2B boredom in 2022.

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Posts by Binal Raval

Binal Raval is a Content Writer at Cognism. She's interested in the rise of demand gen tactics and what this will mean for B2B sales and marketing.

Rethinking sales development at Buyer Centric Revenue
The demand vs lead generation debate is constantly being interpreted in different ways. Check out this article to see how Nelson Gilliat views it.
How to go viral on LinkedIn
Cognism's Head of Demand Gen Liam Bartholomew went viral on LinkedIn. And this article will reveal how he did it! Click to read the blog.
The Landscape of Outbound Sales With Cognism
Outbound sales is constantly evolving. And in this article, Ryan Reisert and David Bentham, Cognism's Director of Sales Development, explain why. Read more!
Lead automation: how it grows your sales and marketing funnel
Ever wondered how to make lead generation more efficient? The secret is sales lead automation. This article will tell you everything you need to know.
How Fast Growing Cognism Grew From $10 to $20 Million
Grow, grow, grow! It's the motto for sales teams at start-ups and scale-ups. This article will tell you the secret recipe that worked at fast growing Cognism.
How to handle stress in sales
The stress in a sales role is always going to be there. But the trick is learning how you can handle stress better. Read this article to find out more.
How Juro develop high-performing sales reps
It's time to wave goodbye to old SDR and BDR management tactics. And in this article with Joe Porter from Juro, you'll find out why, plus much more.
Managing demand gen at GetAccept
Are you looking to shift to demand gen? Then check out this article for some insights from Adam Holmgren, Head of Demand Generation at GetAccept.
7 tips for acing cold calling in 2022 (with FAQs)
Cold calling is hard but this year you're going to smash it! Because you'll get great advice from B2B sales guru Morgan Ingram. Click to read the blog.

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