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Cold Calling

Outbound prospecting cold calling_Resource card
Outbound Cold Calling: What It is and How to Do It Right
Want to know how to master the action that most salespeople dread? Click to learn how to do outbound cold calling right for unbelievable sales success!
What is Sales Development Representatives (SDR) Role-03-2
What is Sales Development Representative's (SDR) Role?
Interested in a career as a Sales Development Representative (SDR)? Find out what it takes to excel in this role and how SDRs contribute to sales.
B2B-Sales-Cold-Calling-Scripts-5-Templates-For-2022--Call-Tips (1)
Cold Calling Scripts: Hub of the Best Templates for 2024
Click for a hub of the best B2B sales cold calling scripts! Cold call confidently using Cognism’s tried & proven templates, plus tips to create your own.


AE Sales_Resource card
AE Sales: Tips and Strategies for Winning Deals
Discover AE sales with this informative guide from Cognism. Click for the definition of an account executive and the top strategies to win more B2B deals.
Sales Pain Points: How to Find and Solve Customer Problems
Sales Pain Points: How to Find and Solve Customer Problems
In this guide, we’ll show you how to find and solve sales pain points using research, feedback and management strategies. Click to read the blog.
Leadiq alternatives
8 LeadIQ Competitors & Best Alternatives [2024 Comparison]
Looking for the best LeadIQ alternatives? We’re comparing LeadIQ competitors, their data, features, and pricing, so you can find the right provider.


Catch up on these value-packed Loop Live sessions from expert guests, digging into what works today in the modern marketing landscape.

Demand Generation

Resource card-Marketing Pipeline Crafting a Strategy to Drive Revenue_Resource card
Marketing Pipeline: Crafting a Strategy to Drive Revenue
Discover the winning marketing pipeline strategy Cognism uses, plus the stages you need to include to drive more revenue and impress your investors!
Resource card-Top Demand Generation Metrics to Track_Resource card
12 Best Demand Generation Metrics to Track in 2024
Tracking demand generation metrics is how SaaS brands ensure revenue success. Here are 12 key metrics & KPIs to monitor this year and beyond!
The Top B2B Marketing Podcasts
The Top B2B Marketing Podcasts for 2024
Listen to the best brains in B2B marketing and their hints, tips & hacks. See our list of the top titles, including Revenue Champions, Exit Five and more.

Lead Generation

B2B Google Ads Strategy: How to Generate Leads and Sales
B2B Google Ads Strategy: How to Generate Leads and Sales
In this blog, we’re exploring how to build a B2B Google Ads strategy. Find out how to generate high-intent sales leads without blowing up your CAC.
What is a Sales Funnel? And How to Build One for 2023
Winning Sales Funnel Stages and Strategy Explained for 2024
Boost sales conversions with a winning sales funnel strategy! Learn how to build a funnel with easy steps, examples and a downloadable template.
11 Sales Goals & Examples to Boost B2B Pipeline Performance
Hit your number and achieve your targets. Click to see sales goals and SMART goal examples you need to implement for better pipeline performance.

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Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the B2B space, our aim is to give you actionable sales and marketing tutorials so you can keep up to date with the latest B2B sales and marketing strategies.

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Discover the latest insights from a wide range of sales and marketing leaders, as they unpack how B2B buying behaviour has changed.

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Author Blog Page - Images_Binal Raval

Binal Raval

Demand Generation Content Executive

I have a strong interest in the evolving world of demand generation, and what this means from a content marketing perspective. I’m always on the hunt for the latest tactic or trend, in order to ensure my content stays top of mind.

One of my favourite parts of being a content creator, is being able to execute on the podcast for sales people: Redefining Outbound. All the way through from sourcing the guest, through to the edit and snippets, I’m making sure the message of the guest is conveyed in the strongest way possible.

  • Cold calling and why it’s not a dead outbound channel
  • Outbound strategy more generally - such as the importance of an ABM model
  • The foundations of personalisation in outreach
  • The modern-day sales funnel and buying journey
  • University of York: BA History Graduated with a 2:1

Posts by Binal Raval


Ultimate CMO Cold Calling Script: Book Meetings With CMOs
Cognism's SDRs use a cold calling script to engage and book meetings with CMOs. Read this blog to get the script and ace your next cold call with a CMO!
Rebranding in the Demand Gen Era: Cognism’s Tips and Tricks
Rebranding isn't a set-and-forget exercise. You can use it to enhance everything you do. Find out more in this article, from 3 Cognism marketing experts.
How to Get Over the Fear of Cold Calling - 6 Tips for SDRs
Cold calling can seem terrifying at first. But once you've got a plan of action down, your fears will be a thing of the past. Read this article for more.
How to Handle Stress in Sales
The stress in a sales role is always going to be there. But the trick is learning how you can handle stress better. Read this article to find out more.
How the Pod Model Workforce Helps You Hit Revenue Targets
Fran Langham, Cognism’s Head of Enterprise Marketing, explores how restructuring your team into a pod can help you exceed your revenue targets.

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