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2020 Content Calendar Template

We’re fast approaching the new year! What’s your content marketing resolution? Is it to get more organised? More productive? Better at keeping on top of those all-important publishing deadlines? 

The one simple answer to all of those challenges is to start using a content calendar! Here at Cognism, we use a content calendar daily to plan out our content months in advance. It’s helped us to build out a content strategy that’s fully aligned with our lead generation goals.

But it hasn’t always been easy. We know how hard content creation can be - which is why we’d like to give you an early Christmas present!

Get your content marketing off to a flying start in 2020 by downloading our free content calendar template! It’ll help you to:

  • Map out every piece of content on a day-by-day basis and never miss a deadline!
  • Get an overview of where your content is being shared throughout the year.
  • Keep internal stakeholders in your business informed about the types of content you’re producing.
  • Align your content marketing efforts to the wider goals of your business.
  • Match your content to the keywords you want to target in 2020.
  • Quickly spot any gaps in your content, empowering you to innovate and get creative!
  • Build a central repository of your content, which can be shared with anyone in your team!

Take your content marketing to the next level with our content calendar template! Simply click below to download it.

Download calendar

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