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2 winning cadences for content leads

November 11, 2020

So you’ve got a few ‘warm’ leads…

How do you keep them engaged long enough to seal the deal?

Since these prospects have likely interacted with your site by applying for a demo or downloading a whitepaper, they’re already interested in your brand - meaning they’ll require a different approach to your normal B2B sales leads.

The secret: sharing value they can utilise and appreciate.


Which means: it’s time to work on a winning cadence that will give your prospects exactly what they want - straight to their inbox.

Allow us to point you in the right direction with a landing page dedicated to our top 2 prospecting cadences. These tried and tested email sequences have been used by our very own MDRs to connect with and nurture marketing leads.

Take your sales cadences to the next level 📈

If you're looking to increase your closed deals by 8% and more, you'll need cadences like ours - cadences that share knowledge and insight, rather than hard-selling your product and its benefits.

These cadences are about the prospect and how you can add value to their business. You want to build a relationship in three emails or more before you get more direct.

Take note of that! ☝️

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On our page, you’ll discover even more insights, such as:

  • A helpful cadence timeline, explaining exactly what needs to be done on each day.
  • A commentary explaining why our top 2 SaaS sales cadences work.
  • An example of a cadence for content downloads.
  • An example of a cadence following up on webinar registrations.

Turn your warm leads into sales 🔥

Eager to turn up those warm leads into hot leads?

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Click 👇 to add our top 2 winning cadences to your sales strategy today!

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