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Run the highest quality data thru your company’s sales and marketing platforms in a customized way.


Maximize the potential of your data driven systems

Your sales and marketing platforms are fueled by data.  By supercharging this data with our APIs, your systems will benefit with the competitive advantage of exclusive market intelligence.

Our API uses:

Optimize the quality and quantity of data flowing into your company’s automated sales and marketing systems

Customize pipelines and channels with our market intelligence

Leverage top-notch data into automated systems not yet integrated with Cognism

How to use our APIs

API options

  • Data & Enrich APIs
  • Insights API
  • Target API
  • Tech Profiler APIs

Data & Enrich APIs

Enrich missing data, such as name, contact data, and firmographics, and transfer directly into your applications.


Insights API

Utilize watch lists to receive breaking news for your target companies based on customized sales triggers, such as acquisitions, fundings, litigations, and many more.

Target API

Acquire leads based on your specific parameters.  Create targeted prospects based off sales triggers and firmographics.

Tech profiler APIs

Create prospect lists based off specific technologies used by targeted prospects.  Gain insight to complete individual or company technology profiles.